Daal Kachori ! (Stuffed Fried snack)


I had a craving for Kachori the other day, so I made some! Kachoris and Samosas used to be the choice evening snack back home (Nagpur, India). They are both super tasty fried snacks, and hence of course, not a everyday thing. You can find Samosa in most Indian restaurants, though most of them are… 

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Lessons Part 2


Some important lessons i learnt by trying out the same things again and again and which I sometimes forget to mention in the recipes. Salt kills yeast if it comes in direct contact with it. Add salt after adding the first cup of flour to the yeast mixture and mixing it well. Kneading the bread… 

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Carrot Ginger Raisin Bread


I made this last week and half of the loaf is sitting in the freezer because we were giving more attention to some tastier buns! This bread is very moist because of the carrot and a bit spicy because of the ginger and goes well with Chai Tea! Ingredients: 1 cup bread flour 2-3 cups… 

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