Maple Oat Wheat Bread!


Stand mixer version of previously made Maple Oat Wheat bread. I used 2 cups whole wheat flour, 2 cups bread flour and added 2 tablespoons flax seed as well in the original recipe. Super soft and beautiful bread! Pictures with the Santoku knife hubby gifted me for my bday last year!

Sandwich loaf !


Made the regular sandwich loaf. with 3 cups bread flour and 1.5 cups wheat flour! using my new KitchenAid 6 qt Stand mixer! I am still playing around with the mixer, so trying some old recipes and of course I adjust them according to the mixer. Once I get a hang of it, I will… 

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Spinach Paneer Peas Kofta curry!


We were out of most veggies the other day. I was thinking of making some egg curry, then I decided to make some falafels to put in the curry..But we were out of garbanzo beans too! I just looked in the freezer section and took out the remaining spinach, paneer(indian cottage cheese) and peas and… 

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