Strawberry Beet Semolina Oats Laddoo(Indian Sweet, Vegan)


Strawberries in Laddoos.. why not! I put some strawberries and added a little beet to intensify the color.. get me some pinky carmine goodness! These are a fun vegan laddoo(Indian sweet) and not too sweet. You can adjust the sweetness, spices( variations with cardamom, cinnamon, saffron etc) and try other fruits as well!. A Mango… 

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Pear Bread and an Award!!!!


Above is the yummy and pretty Pear and Carrot Bread from the archives! Reposting to make it a pretty post! (Note: We started our Vegan transition Nov 2010, so the blog has non vegan, dairy, egg and meat recipes in the archives. I am trying to update some of those to vegan versions as I… 

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