Beet and Blueberry Mini Loaf


Yes, I am still in mini loaf mode.. those tiny slices get consumed quickly and let me make different breads every few days..! This one is beety carmine colored with an added slight deep blue from the blueberries.. Deep colors for this bright summer! 2 mini loafs Ingredients: 2/3 cups whole wheat flour 2/3 cups… 

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Mango Strawberry Mint Cumin Spiced Cooler


Strawberries to Mango: Hey you, are you ripe and sweet yet? We are getting super ripe and close to spoiling, sitting in the refrigerator.. Mango: Yeah, I am supposedly ripe too, but not that sweet yet…I guess these guys like sweeter mangoes. Strawberries: I hope we dont end up all spoilt and in the trash….uh… 

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Meal Series: Aloo Pyaaz and Bhaji with Roti/Chapati(Spiced Potato Onions, Vegetable Stew with Indian Bread)


Another one of the meal series! I also added some other combination meal ideas below with each recipe. We get frozen uncooked Roti (Indian flat bread) from Indian stores. The indian store version is basically a thin rolled out frozen dough of whole wheat flour, bran, oil, water and salt. To make your own roti… 

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Almond Butter Cookies! (Vegan)


Almond butter cookies!! Yes they are “almond butter” cookies with a hint of cardamom(elaichi). These yummy and crumbly cookies came out awesome and remind me of the Diwali Sweets like kaju or Badaam Katli(Cashew, almond cheesy sweet). Diwali is a festival in India, during which people visit each other and exchange sweets, snacks, dry fruits,… 

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