Mango Strawberry Mint Cumin Spiced Cooler


Strawberries to Mango: Hey you, are you ripe and sweet yet? We are getting super ripe and close to spoiling, sitting in the refrigerator.. Mango: Yeah, I am supposedly ripe too, but not that sweet yet…I guess these guys like sweeter mangoes. Strawberries: I hope we dont end up all spoilt and in the trash….uh… 

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Meal Series: Aloo Pyaaz and Bhaji with Roti/Chapati(Spiced Potato Onions, Vegetable Stew with Indian Bread)


Another one of the meal series! I also added some other combination meal ideas below with each recipe. We get frozen uncooked Roti (Indian flat bread) from Indian stores. The indian store version is basically a thin rolled out frozen dough of whole wheat flour, bran, oil, water and salt. To make your own roti… 

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Almond Butter Cookies! (Vegan)


Almond butter cookies!! Yes they are “almond butter” cookies with a hint of cardamom(elaichi). These yummy and crumbly cookies came out awesome and remind me of the Diwali Sweets like kaju or Badaam Katli(Cashew, almond cheesy sweet). Diwali is a festival in India, during which people visit each other and exchange sweets, snacks, dry fruits,… 

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