Chocolate Cake! Vegan


Oh Yeah Part Deux..!:) After the yummy mango chutney in the earlier post.. It is time for a moist, crumbly chocolate cake! No butter, no eggs.. Organic fair trade cocoa powder.. and an apple! I have to make a molten chocolate cake too! ..look out for that one soon!. This one is simple with some… 

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Meal Series: Phukein, chole/chana masala and roti! (Green onions and potatoes, Garbanzo Bean Curry and Indian Flat Bread)


Heres another simple indian meal! Beans, veggies and whole grain bread!! The ever present Garbanzo bean/Chickpea curry(everyday Chole/Chana Masala) and a current favorite, served with green onion and potatoes subzi and Whole wheat Roti. Some of the Garbanzo beans curry(Chole) recipes that I’ve posted before. Everyday Chole (Everyday Chana Masala curry) Imli Chole (Sweet and… 

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Pasta with Spicy Blackened Tempeh and Cilantro Almond Pesto!


Another quick pasta.. and another creamy pesto. If you dont like cilantro much, substitute that with basil! Topped with right off the grill Blackened Tempeh strips for the meat eater’s craving!. Add or change anything you like! I’ll let the pictures and the recipe do the talking.. Ingredients: Tempeh Marinade: Tempeh strips(used about 4 oz… 

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Mango Beet Spiced Cooler!


Yay, its finally hitting 80 deg F in Seattle today.. Oops.. I think its going to be lower tomorrow again.. meh But thats seattle.. I like the 70s, just the right amount of heat and cool air without burning u up! Heres another cool fruit drink combination that I tried the other day. A little… 

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Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies! Part Deux! Vegan


Ok, heres the new and improved Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies.. which you will not be able to keep for anyone else… believe you me! Nut butters are the key to getting soft and yummylicious cookies! And all the goodness,vit e, protein, b vitamins, fibre and what not! Not in your regular butter! Ingredients: 6-8 cookies 2… 

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