Curries Round up and Mofo highlights! and a November Sneak Peak.


Mango Curry Tempeh. Sweet, sour and creamy. Savji Tempeh. Spicy special from my home town. Mofo Post 22. Day 29. I made some Kadhai Tempeh and Vindaloo curry, but I couldnt click enough pictures and this month has been quite a workout already! No worries though:).. heres a short round up of some delicious curries… 

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Bhindi Zunka (Okra cooked with chickpea flour and spices) Vegan, glutenfree. and more Liebster love


Okra is one of those gooey vegetables, that can easily put me off. Though hubbs is an avid fan, he does not like the gooeyness too. I try to make it as slime free as possible. There is always an option of deep frying it, but I dont really deep fry anything unless really needed…. 

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Vegan Kaju Katli! Indian Cashew fudge. vegan, glutenfree


  VeganMofo Post 20, Day 25. Happy Diwali Everyone. This whole month is full of Indian festivals.. its a whole month of festivities for Indians and anyone who celebrates these festivals. Sweets and savory snacks and lots of yummy food! Continuing with the sweet streak with these ever fave.. delicious Kaju Katlis…. The simplest ever… 

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My Besan Ladoo recipe in 100 Yummy Diwali recipes Ebook!


The IndusLadies e-book of “100 Yummy Diwali recipes” is out for this Diwali and available @ It has one of my recipes, the Vegan Besan Laddoo(Sweet Chickpea flour balls with nuts and raisins)! There are a couple more vegan recipes in all of the 100.. that means there are a bunch more recipes to… 

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Coconut Almond Rum Balls! Glutenfree. Vegan Mofo Iron Chef Challenge 3. and rescue feature.


I couldnt do last weeks VeganMonth of food Iron chef with Banana and coffee.. but this week it is Coconut. Almost Raw, Glutenfree, Rum balls.    And also a rescue feature today. Scroll down to read more about Old Dog Haven! Ingredients: 2/3+ cup dry coconut small flakes 2 Tablespoons oats 2/3 cup almonds 1/8 teaspoon fine… 

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Mom’s Black Eyed Peas Curry(Raungi). Vegan, glutenfree


VeganMofo Post 17. Mom’s recipe! In our north indian diet, we eat a bunch of different types of whole beans, peas and lentils cooked in simmered sauces of only onion or tomato or both, with different spice combinations and such and served with whole grain flat breads like Roti/chapati or with hot Basmati Rice, Indian… 

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Baked Portobello Mushrooms, Avocado, Tomato Sandwich. Liebster Award and Sleeping Chewie.


A Simple sandwich today! We had some portabellas the other day. It was the first time I was cooking the big shroom at home. We just always end up eating some out. So after a couple of recipe look ups , we decided on italian herb seasoning. Veganmofo Post 16! Break the hard part of… 

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