Flan, Caramel custard/pudding Vegan, glutenfree


Fresh cranberrrieeess in season now.. and I served some along this beautiful caramel flan! Also made some cran-blue berry upside down cake..all a part of our thanksgiving spread. The entire spread pictures and Roasted delicata squash recipe here. I was looking to veganize the eggy flan for a while. Flan or creme caramel or custard… 

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Roasted Delicata squash with Rosemary and olive oil. Vegan, glutenfree


Hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving! Below was our casual indian mixed Thanksgiving spread.. all Vegan and mostly Glutenfree. Rosemary, olive oil, roasted Delicata squash, Kale, romaine, balsamic salad, Leek, carrot, potato, celery, squash soup, Sprouted Black chickpea curry, Rice with cumin seeds, Caramel Flan /pudding with cranberries and blueberries.:) Cranberry-blueberry upside down cake… 

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Sprouted Wheat Strawberry Bread Vegan. A guest post on Tongue Ticklers


Its been a while since I posted a bread.. If you look through last 2 years, you will know what I mean. I bake breads at home pretty much every week,.. experiment with grains, fruits and herbs and knead and bake and knead and bake. I’ve been baking some repeat simple multigrain ones lately. I… 

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Carrot almond Cake, Muffins and Carrot halwa. vegan


2 in 1 post! Carrot almond cake and muffins and Carrot halwa (Fudgy Indian sweet) which is glutenfree! The cake and muffins are not glutenfree. Carrot Halwa is one of the ubiquitous indian sweets at most festivals or even on regular days when carrots are in season. Back home, mom would get loads of carrots,… 

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Green beans and potatoes (Barbati Aloo subzi). Vegan, glutenfree


Isnt it totally obvious that mom made this dish! Look at those evenly cut beans and potatoes. everything is almost the same size and symmetrical and so pretty. Have you seen my green beans and potatoes.. the beans get cut in random sized parts. same thing happens to potatoes and they get cooked on medium… 

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Besan Chilla /Puda (chickpea flour Omelette/pancake) and savory french toasts. vegan, glutenfree


The theme for this month is definitely more focused on breakfast.. in part because I got a bit bored of pancakes, breads, toasts, oatmeal and other mostly sweet oriented options. So when mom was visiting, I made it a point to take a few pictures, ended up with a very few actually. :). of the… 

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Oatmeal Chocolate chip glutenfree Cookies. with a secret ingredient. vegan


First, Thank you all for all the support! I crossed 700 likes on my facebook page! yay. thank you for all the love to the Tiramisu pancakes.. which came about out of the happy memories of some happy events, celebrated with decadent Tiramisu in my prevegan days. I could make the whole dessert vegan too,… 

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