Pomegranate Apple Satsuma Spiced cooler!

Its been getting dark at like 3:45 pm already, reducing my cooking and clicking picture time to almost zilch.. and it is super cloudy on top of that..Most pictures come up all bluey and my night time studio does not have the right light.. baah.
And for some reason I was thinking it is Friday today and freaking out about all the cookies I need to bake! ahh.. its thursday! yay, 1 more day! then hubbs will be home rest of the month.. ok that means a whole lot of variety of food demands..hmmm. I dont mind that:) Anywhu, here is a simple cooler from all the fruits lying around in the refrigerator…
Those orange cute oranges are Satsuma, a seedless and easy peeling Japanese citrus fruit. I’ve made similar fruit/veggie smoothie or thinner cooler drinks before. The cooking just makes it easier to digest the fruits/veggies.. I cant digest some raw fruits well, but slightly cooked is all good! The drink taste also does not change over 3-4 days, stored in the refrigerator, and who doesnt like some spice! The hindi name for the drink would be Anar, Seb, Santara ka Panna!:) Checkout the Blueberry Strawberry Cooler
and my favorite Mango Beet Smoothie!
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Pictured below is the night time shot when I just pureed the drink.. bubbly!


You need seeds(arils) of one Pomegranate, 1 Apple finely chopped, 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder, a few leaves of mint or basil or skip, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon rock salt(kala namak), 1/8 teaspoon black pepper.
Pressure cook all the above, for 1 whistle or boil till apple is a bit tender, in about a cup of water.
Add a juice of 1 or more Satsuma or orange when mixture cools a bit, with or without some pulp.
Puree the mix so there are no apple pieces.
Strain though large hole strainer to remove pomegranate seeds.
Adjust salt, pepper and sugar/agave/stevia if you like it sweet.
Add more water if needed for preferred consistency.
Makes about 2 cups of thicker consistency.
Serve chilled! or at room temperature as we are already hovering in the low 30s F here.
Have a super day! This drink is heading to Ricki’s wellness Weekend and Slightly indulgent Tuesdays
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  1. says

    so lovely! i love the pop of colour in these photos when everything is dank and dreary outside – looks like we might not even have a white christmas in northern ontario!

  2. says

    This is such a unique recipe! I have never seen/heard of it before but I have a feeling that it is my newest favorite drink. It sounds so delicious! As always, I want to make this too. Man, everything you post I wanna make… <–that is a very good thing! :)

  3. says

    Thanks Vicky, Sangee, Torview!

    Thanks Poornima.. yeah i should probably hibernate for this month till the days get longer

    Thank you Yuri, Tina.

    thanks Jess, we are just dark and gloomy too. no rain or snow predicted as of now.. just brr cold.

  4. says

    Thanks MD, Anu, Nish!

    Thanks Cara, i want to make so many of your candies and cookies.. i think i am going to get some new cavities this month!

  5. says

    Oh it looks amazing! I have not had a smoothie in a while as my *oral allergy syndrome* or what ever just keeps reacting to more and more things! I can eat very few fruits and veggies raw… I was just thinking the other day I should try to cook some apple sauce (like I use to make baby food) and use that in my old favourite green smoothies…though by now I might not be able to eat greens raw…wonder if I will be able to find a Satsuma

  6. says

    Thanks Danielle, you can use any orange juice or use a little lemon juice or skip it altogether.. the other fruits taste great by themselves!

    Thanks Kiran.. you can skip the oranges or add a little lemon juice.

    thanks Lindsay!

  7. says

    This looks great! However, how much does this recipe make—one serving? You don’t add any other liquid other than the one cup of water? Thanks!

    • says

      makes about 2 cups. you can add more water depending on preference, if you want a lighter more watered cooler or less if you want a thicker smoothie type consistency.

  8. says

    This looks great! However, how much does this recipe make—one serving? You don’t add any other liquid other than the one cup of water? Thanks!

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