Quinoa Oat Flat bread Mini Pizza with Spinach hummus, Roasted Beets and Red bell pepper. vegan glutenfree, gumfree


So I was thinking of making a long post with gf buns, but then I made these individual pizzas the other day and thought that these could make a great superbowl snack! The flat bread is glutenfree and has cooked quinoa, oats and potato starch, no gum, soy or corn. It is a slightly dense… 

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Panch Phoran Shalgam(Turnip with indian 5 spice mix). Vegan glutenfree.


A quick dry veggie side today. The spice mix used for this turnip preparation is called Panch Phoran. is a spice blend used in Bangladesh and Eastern India, especially in Mithila, Bengali, Assamese and Oriya cuisine. The name literally means “five spices”. The spices typically used are fenugreek seed, Nigella seed, cumin seed, radhuni and… 

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