Penne and Broccoli in Doritos cream sauce, topped with Doritos spiced bread crumbs. Home-made Doritos Spice Blend Recipe. Vegan


A quick Weeknight pasta. No store bought Doritos were used in this recipe. Just some spices and flavors together and voila! And why did I make this? Well, the big food corps, apart from putting in humongous amounts of money into creating shelf stable products with weird amounts of chemicals, they Also put the money… 

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Yellow lentil Dal Stew/soup with Carrots and Zucchini/Brussels sprouts (Mung Daal) vegan glutenfree


A quick lentil stew/soup with yellow lentils and some veggies. I made this with carrots and zucchini once, and with carrots and Brussels sprouts a week later. You can use any quick cooking lentils. If using split pigeon peas or green or yellow peas, add 5-10 minutes more of cooking time. It might snow in… 

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Gluten free Vegan White Bread Loaf. Gum-free


This is the gf bread you will want to make! And as I mentioned before, Keep that Steam in the picture someway or the other to get a absolutely moist and fresh bread! My current diet preference is because of ethical and health reasons. But there are several who dont have a choice to choose… 

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Spiced Oat Almond Gluten-free Cake, in Strawberry Nuts Goji berry parfait. Vegan GF gum-free


I whipped up a cake on the day before Valentines day, with oats, rice flour and almonds and was wondering about what to do with it. Since hubbs is used to cakes and cookies every other day. So I made a parfait. Though it didnt look or feel too fancy or elaborate, but it surely… 

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Vegan Aloo Gobi Mutter( Potatoes Cauliflower peas with Indian spices) Dad’s Favorite. Glutenfree Recipe


If you know my Dad at all, you will know that there are these certain dishes he cannot live without. He can eat these almost every other day, he will want these as a staple whenever eating out or at a get together. He will critique these at the minutest details if we dont get… 

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