Interview With Dr John McDougall,The Starch solution book Giveaway and Oil-Free Carrot Cake. vegan recipe


The Starch Solution: Eat the Foods You Love, Regain Your Health, and Lose the Weight for Good! And thats what the book is about, powerful information packed in a few 100s of pages to achieve the best of health and lifestyle. The book also contains almost 100 of Mary McDougall’s recipes, and a 7 day… 

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Roasted Sprouted Chickpeas with Turmeric and Chili. for Barbara. Vegan Glutenfree recipe


Omg… the only thing I can really watch is some straight lined event and one of the faves is swimming of course. Lochte really deserves his wins this year, but I was still rooting for Phelps. He just has that thing about him. I already knew the result and when I saw the delayed telecast,… 

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No Bake Mango Beet Cream Pie with Almond, Coconut, Rice cereal crust and Awards. Vegan Gluten-free Oil-free recipe


This was my second entry for the Virtual Chopped- the Vegan Edition hosted by Isa @ Post Punk Kichen. This time it is was a dessert round. Check out my first entry – Mango Beet Halwa bites(fudgy bites) with Candied Beet Coconut thin cookies, topped with Candied beet cubes. The mystery ingredients were: Mango Red… 

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Blueberry Cracker Mango Ice cream-wich, Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Review & Giveaway. vegan glutenfree recipe


So it is somewhat Summer in Seattle(Yeah, this week the weather went cold on us again), but hey most days are warm enough for me to scarf down some pints of deliciousness. The flavors we have been getting in bulk are Cookie dough, Cookies and cream and some passionate mango. What I need to pick… 

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Roasted Tomato Chipotle Mac and Cheese with Cauliflower sauce. Nut-free option. Vegan recipe


I was thinking of posting a bread today, then decided to make some cheesy pasta for lunch instead and hence the post. mmmm.. mmmmm.. Most days my confort food is things like Gobi Aloo or daal chawal(daal and rice) or rajma chawal( red kidney beans curry and rice).. but there are days when I or… 

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Mango and Beet Halwa bites with Candied Beet Coconut Rice thins. vegan glutenfree option


How cute are those candied beet cubes! Below Drizzled with Beet ginger syrup… Vegan Chopped Entry number 2. Check out the first entry- No Bake Mango and Beet cream pie with Coconut almond Rice cereal crust on the Facebook page here. Its been one crazy weekend so I am rushing to finish up this post…. 

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Burnt Chili Spiced Cabbage and Potatoes. Patta Gobi Aloo Sabji. vegan glutenfree recipe


What do you all like more, Cookbooks or magazines? and Online or paper? I think I like Print magazines more than cookbooks. I do use cookbooks when looking for something, but most of my reading is when I am sitting around, not on the computer. the keyword here is not on the computer or any… 

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