Vegetable Jalfrezi – Smoky Tangy Veggie Stir fry. Vegan Glutenfree recipe


  Huzzah! behold the PPk 100.. All things awesomely vegan and veganly awesome from 2012.. Find a ton of products, recipes, creations, restaurants, blogs and more that were amazing in 2012.. Zoom in at number 94!!  Yes, that is me right there.. Leaving a mark on 2012.. :)) Thank you everyone at ThePPK! Last year,… 

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Chickpea Kabocha Fries. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe Fat-free option


Its time for some savory snacking. Chickpea flour fries. And that gorgeous color is because of some roasted Kabocha in them.. I baked up the whole Kabocha the other day.. just like this whole Roasted butternut. Scrubbed it clean, wiped it, punched a few knife holes in it and put it in the oven at 330… 

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Chipotle Refried Beans, Pico De Gallo, Lime crema on Wheat Sorghum Crust. Vegan Mexican Pizza


Its Pizza time! I whipped up this Mexican Pizza a few days back. I decided to top it with Easy home made Refried beans with a hint of chipotle pepper (Frijoles Refritos), topped them with fresh Pico de gallo(yes its a phase) and Lime crema. I think I love the beany pizza sauces more than… 

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Vegan Kesar Burfi – Almond Semolina Fudge flavored with Saffron

Kesar Burfi - Almond Semolina Saffron Bars

When Dassana of Veg Recipes Of India asked me to do a guest post(which was some time back and I got sucked into the holiday season back then), I knew I had to make an Indian dessert/Mithai. Dassana’s blog  is one of my favorite Indian food blogs and her recipes never fail. Dassana makes authentic Indian… 

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Curried Lentil Soup with Cauliflower. Gobi Waali Sabut Masoor. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


  Whole brown Red lentils- Sabut Masoor or Massar are pinkish brown lentils that make a mean earthy stew. These lentils are Brown on the outside and pinkish orange on the inside. There are certain spices that work very well with them. Some flavor profiles I have grown up with and some discovered after I… 

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Smoky Millet Stuffed Sweet Potato Crepes with Jalapeno Aioli. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


This crepe is inspired by the crepes At Sage/Plum Cafe in Seattle. They have some amazing food and I plan to recreate some versions with my take on it. The crepes at the cafe at usual flour crepes filled with Smoky Quinoa and Millet. The crepes on this post are glutenfree and very flavorful with… 

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Quinoa Chivda – Savory Cereal/Trail Mix Snack with Puffed Quinoa, Brown Rice Krispies, Cashews, Walnuts, Cranberries and Raisins. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


Chivda,(Ciwda, Chevdo, Chidwa, Bombay Mix etc) is a generic name for a savory snack made with fried or roasted puffed or flattened rice/grains (murmura, Poha).  It is spiced with green or red chili, has nuts and dried fruits, sometimes has combinations of fried chickpea flour noodles(thin or thick Sev) or potato noodles(Aloo bhujia) and sometimes… 

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Zesty Pink Lemon Coconut Chocolate Bites. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


  Raise your hand if you celebrate Valentines day :). We usually skip it, as there is already a celebration a week before for our wedding anniversary. 8 years this year!  But hey, there were those years, when everyone scrambled to find something special to gift and do on this day. To celebrate great relationships,… 

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