Chickpea Flour Pancakes/mini Omelettes with Cauliflower and Shiitake mushrooms. Glutenfree Vegan Recipe


    Yes, more chickpea flour :). Finally, there are a few scattered sunny days in Seattle and I can give my black background a break The clouds screw up the white balance of the photograph and make everything look blue. I love these small savory pancake versions of the usual chickpea flour Omelette things that we… 

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Black Eyed Pea Lentil Soup with Sriracha Tadka. Raungi aur Sabut Masoor Dal. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


  I know right.. Why havent I tried Sriracha in a Daal before. Well it is never too late to Sriracha-fy something. This stew has Black eyed peas/Cow peas/Raungi and brown lentils(Indian whole red Lentils) and is another delicious addition to everyday meals. The Tadka/Tempering/Seasoning for the stew has Sriracha sauce. If you dont have… 

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Memorial Day Recipe Round up – Burgers, Sliders, Snacks, Salads, Dessert. Vegan Glutenfree


How to please a crowd this long weekend..  Make This BBQ Veggie Burger with Mango Carrot Cabbage slaw. gf option (pictured above) Make a larger helping of the slaw as a side. Pre-bake the patties. The patties are very sturdy when already baked. Put them on the grill for grill marks and to warm them… 

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Creamy Pasta Sauce in a Jar. White sauce, Spicy Sriracha, Chipotle, Ranch, Mac ‘n’ Cheese and more. Vegan Glutenfree recipe


    Some ideas come out of the adventurous trials and some out of need. These sauces in a jar were made during the months I was not able to stand in the kitchen for longer than 5 minutes. The jars helped me for sure and also hubbs cook up a quick meal without much… 

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Baked Broccoli Fritters with Spiced Yogurt – Pakore waali Vegan Punjabi Kadhi. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


You know how else to feed me broccoli.. as these fritters. And they are baked and not fried. And soaked up in a spiced yogurt gravy. Kadhi is Spiced yogurt and Pakore(plural for Pakora) are fritters. This is a somewhat fusion version of the usual Pakore Waali Kadhi(Fritters in spiced yogurt). I actually was never… 

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Tandoori Tempeh, Mini Peppers, Pepper Jack Pizza on Crisp White crust. Vegan Recipe


Its Pizza time. This is the current favorite Pizza to whip up on weekdays in this house. The spicy juicy Tempeh tastes just like the meat crumbles you get at some Pizza joints. Use your favorite crust, veggies and non dairy cheese and you will not be disappointed.  With layers of fresh tomato, onions, pickled… 

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Sweet Potato Canapes with Barbecue Mung Bean Sprouts. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe for VVP. BBQ sauce Recipe too.


It is the time for VVP – Virtual Vegan Potluck!! An online Potluck with 168 bloggers from all around the world. This time I am bringing this awesome Appetizer.. a fusion BBQ Chaat. Chaat is a generic term for Indian snacks which have some crackers or fried noodles or puffed rice mixed with beans/lentil/chickpea sprouts or cooked… 

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