Vegan Wraps, Ice creams and Vegan Month of food Recipe Recap.

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It is Mofo(Month of food) Recap People!

The above awesomeness with Buffalo Tempeh, Easy Spanish Rice, Red Bell Pepper and Kale. How to Tempeh? Slather it with Buffalo sauce. Make some quick spanish rice, add veggies, wrap!

Whats coming up in the next 10 days... Some 2 more wraps, Cinnamon roll Pancakes and Plum Bistro's Spicy Mac n Yease recipe my way....stay tuned.:)

This below Tempeh Scramble, Jalapeno Popper Dip, Broccoli Wrap. Simple Cashew cream dip, with pickled jalapenos, bread crumbs and the scramble. Eat them all together or by themselves!

This Gobi Aloo Wrap- Cauliflower Potato, Toasted Red Lentil Dal hummus, Pickled Onion and cilantro. 
Yes those lentils are toasted and cooked. and Gobi Aloo makes everything better. and so do pickled onions ;)

Then there is this gorgeous bowl of Mung Bean Sprouts, Seared Carrots and carrot greens, Kale with Chili Lime Sesame Dressing. I would make some of that dressing to put on all salads or veggie bowls!
Tried and tested and love professed :)

This yummazing Roasted Hatch Chile White Bean Hummus Pizza!, which you can convert to a sandwich or a wrap or just use that hummus dip. Use any mild chili peppers.

Some Indian fare...
The good old Chana Masala with a twist. With no onions and with red bell pepper. 
Several more Chana Masala recipes linked into the post!

Vegan Chana Masala - Chickpea Curry with Red Bell Pepper

The Makhani gravy that you have to make. The gravy has been tried and tested by many with rave reviews like so rich and creamy as one would eat in an Indian restaurant. without all that extra butter and grease:)
Paired here with Cauliflower, Broccoli and Peas. 

And to welcome the fall.. 
Make this spiced up Carrot Cake Ice cream! 
with Roasted carrots, candied walnuts, cashew sour cream and fall spices. Also tried and tested now!

Vegan Carrot Cake Ice cream

I am so grateful to all of you who make these recipes and let me know how it turned out. All the exclamations and testimonials of deliciousness makes me so so happy!

Thank you all for being here! xoxo.. Have a fantastic weekend. 


  1. These all look so delicious! I especially am interested in the buffalo tempeh one!

  2. your food is so inspiring and mouth watering. i want it all.

  3. Wow Richa, I'm so impressed with all your creations this month! It's amazing what some bloggers are putting together, especially with such a tight schedule.
    I tried to pick a favourite of these but there's now way I could narrow it down.

  4. These sound great :) and gorgeous photos, as always.

  5. Looking forward to your version of the mac!

  6. Thanks for your creations, I seem to be making at least one a week.

  7. If I had to pick a favourite, I'd make carrot cake ice cream and gobi aloo duke it out!

  8. The blog redesign looks FANTASTIC!


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