Veggies and Lentils in Peanut Sauce

Veggies and Lentils in Peanut Sauce | Vegan Richa

You know what goes well with that delicious peanut sauce, yes lentils! Red lentils cook up super quick. Meanwhile, stir fry some veggies, blend up the peanut sauce, throw everything in the same skillet and serve unsuspecting people! Serve over rice or grains of choice or wide noodles of choice. You want to pick up… 

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Crunchy Salad with Firecracker Chickpeas and Peanut sauce

Crunchy Salad with firecracker Chickpeas and Peanut sauce | Vegan Richa

Firecracker Chickpeas! Yes! Chickpeas tossed in spicy firecracker sauce and cooked to thicken the sauce. Served with a crunchy lettuce, carrot, red bell pepper salad, a light drizzle of peanut sauce and garnished with cilantro/scallions.  Make this! Oh yes, did I mention the Firecracker sauce. It is divine, and spicy… that name has “fire” in… 

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Vegan Okonomiyaki – Cabbage Carrot Pancakes

Vegan Okonomiyaki Pancakes |Vegan Richa

Easy weeknight fix up. Vegan Okonomiyaki Pancakes. Chope up the veggies, make the pancake mix, cook on stove top and done. Okonomiyaki are usually made with eggs, veggies and meats. Of course we use whatever veggies we have on hand. Chickpea flour adds color and a slight egg flavor with the kala namak. Add veggies of… 

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Teriyaki Chickpeas Bao /Baozi Steamed Buns

Teriyaki chickpea Bao steamed bun | Vegan Richa

These soft steamed buns, Bao or Baozi are a perfect carrier for the strong tasting sauces and veggies and beans. The steaming keeps the buns very soft and moist. Perfect party food! I filled these up with chickpeas tossed in teriyaki sauce. Use other beans, lentils or finely chopped veggies of choice. Don’t like teriyaki,… 

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