Gluten-free Flat-bread Burger buns. Vegan Gumfree Recipe


  It is time to say hello to Super Fluffy, soft, moist, spongy, white and gluten-free gum-free Burger buns! Look at that airy cross-section. These vegan gluten free burger buns are more like flat bread burger buns, but hey they are not dry, they are spongy and they pass the hubb’s I can’t believe this… 

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Gluten-free Jalapeno Pepper Jack Biscuits. Vegan Gum-free Recipe


  Did anyone say Biscuits! Gluten-free, Oat-free, Gum-free! When I posted the Spelt Sweet Potato biscuits, I knew I would get questions on if they will work with gluten-free flours. I have a couple of gluten-free breads using Oats (and I should probably come up with a proper all purpose gf blend, since you all keep… 

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