Spinach Paratha flatbread – Yeast free

Spinach Paratha flatbread | Vegan Richa

Parathas are thicker flat bread which may or may not be stuffed. These are spinach parathas where the greens are kneaded into the dough. Parathas can be made in several ways. There is the flaky lachha paratha, circle paratha, square paratha, and many more.  The spinach dough can also be used to make stuffed flatbread…. 

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Whole Grain Seed Bread Recipe

Whole Grain Seed Bread Recipe | Vegan Richa

I love adding seeds and grains to my every day breads. They up the nutrition of the flour + water bread and add flavor. Home made breads also are sturdy compared to the soft store bought versions. Home made breads make fabulous grilled sandwiches that can hold a ton of dry or moist veggies without… 

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Teriyaki Chickpeas Bao /Baozi Steamed Buns

Teriyaki chickpea Bao steamed bun | Vegan Richa

These soft steamed buns, Bao or Baozi are a perfect carrier for the strong tasting sauces and veggies and beans. The steaming keeps the buns very soft and moist. Perfect party food! I filled these up with chickpeas tossed in teriyaki sauce. Use other beans, lentils or finely chopped veggies of choice. Don’t like teriyaki,… 

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Lentil Bread Gluten free Yeast-free Vegan Sandwich Bread Recipe

Lentil Bread gluten free | Vegan Richa

The amazing thing about Urad dal (split and dehusked black gram) batter is that it aerates by itself really well. Hence, the dal is the mandatory ingredient in the southern Indian crepes(Dosa) and steamed cakes(idli). Urad dal is also used to make Vadas(fried dumplings) which have just one main ingredient- urad dal. Another feature of… 

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Vegan Pretzel Bites with Spicy Mustard Dip

Vegan Pretzel Bites with Spicy Mustard Dip | Vegan Richa

So finally I am getting excited about the Superbowl. After some miserable games, Seahawks have got their act together and made it to the play offs. #gohawks! That means we will need some chips and dips and things for the games. Why is it that we always want to nibble on something during the game. Its… 

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Whole Grain Za’atar Tomato Flatbread for Virtual Vegan Potluck 2014!

Tomato Zatar Flatbread | Vegan Richa

Its that time of the year again. Virtual Vegan Potluck is back. Today hundreds of bloggers are posting Vegan recipes and linking up to form a chain where you can easily navigate to get to the other participating blogs.  This year I am bringing this 100% whole grain flatbread topped with juicy tomatoes and a… 

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