Vegan Almond Butter Blondies with Chocolate Chips

Vegan Almond Butter Blondies | Vegan Richa

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and these blondies work out perfectly.  Just 8 main ingredients! 15 minutes to whip them up in just One bowl. Serve with a dollop of your favorite vegan ice cream.  Whether you celebrate v-day or not, these blondies are sure to be loved. Lightly sweetened, fudgy, buttery, with… 

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Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Cake and Cake Mix In a Jar

Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Cake | Vegan Richa

This Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf Mix is a super and a very delicious Jar gift. To make the loaf add non dairy milk and pumpkin, add jar contents. Mix, bake, done! The jar contents have flour, cocoa powder, and a mix of flour, sugar, ground up bittersweet chocolate(yes you need this to make a moist loaf with… 

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Vegan Gingerbread Cake

Vegan Gingerbread Cake | Vegan Richa

Gingerbread, spices, cookies and holidays, here we come.  This Ginger Molasses Cake has candied ginger, fresh ginger and ground ginger, more fall spices, and a deep flavor of molasses. All the flavors get stronger as the cake sits. The chia seeds are ground up with some candied ginger for a stronger infusion of the ginger… 

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No Bake Vegan Pumpkin Pie with Gluten-free Crust

No Bake Vegan Pumpkin Pie | Vegan Richa

  This amazing Pumpkin Pie you all. Just 7 Ingredients in the filling and 8 main ingredients in the crust. Make this a day before and keep refrigerated. No Baking needed. This Pumpkin pie has a good lot of spices in the filling and even more in the gingerbread crust. Crystallized ginger, ground ginger, cinnamon… 

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