Daal Series: Yellow Lentil Soup! vegan comfort food.


Everyone has their own comfort food, depending on their personal preferences, their cultural or regional preferences, and the time of year or day! Comfort food for me when snacking is some hot Poha(flattened rice cooked with potatoes and spices), and at meal time is some Hot and simple Daal(Lentil soup) with roti(indian flat bread) and… 

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Lentil curry Buns( Sambhar buns)


What do you do when you have a good amount of Sambhar/Sambar(Split Pigeon Pea stew) left.. You or I make a bread bun out of it and come up with savory and spicy buns! Sambar is a Lentil stew from South India, served as an accompaniment with steamed rice cakes “idli” or lentil crepes “dosa”…. 

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