Aloo Baingan Recipe – Potato Eggplant Curry

Easy Indian spiced Eggplants and Potatoes. Aloo Baingan Recipe. Curried Potato Eggplant side. | #vegan #glutenfree #Indian #eggplant #potato

This is an easy curried eggplant potato – Aloo Baingan recipe. I picked it up from Mom and have been making my version of it for many years. Some Indian veggie sides follow a similar recipe. Some whole spices roasted in oil, some ground coriander, turmeric and/or cayenne, add veggies, salt and some moisture and cook until tender…. 

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Chickpea Aloo Chaat Bowl with Date Tamarind Chutney

Chickpea Aloo Chaat Bowl. Mint cilantro Potatoes, spiced chickpeas, tamarind date chutney bowl with onions, tomatoes and chaat masala. | #vegan #glutenfree #bowl #recipe

This bowl is deconstructed Papri Chaat. Papdi Chaat or Sev Poori dish contains crackers that are topped with mashed potatoes often flavored with chaat masala + mint, boiled or sprouted chickpeas/brown chickpeas, some chopped onion, tomato, tamarind chutney, mint cilantro chutney, and a sprinkle of Sev (crisp chickpea flour vermicelli noodles). This deconstructed bowl can… 

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Vegetables in Chickpea flour Sauce – Sindhi Kadhi Recipe

Vegetables in Chickpea flour Sauce - Sindhi Kadhi | #vegan #Indian #main #soyfree #glutenfree #recipe #chickpeaflour

  On days when I want something new but can’t think of what, I fall back on Indian food. The cuisine is so diverse from all over the country, the many regions, states, family recipes and more that there is always something new to try.  These recipes might not be the popular cookie or mac… 

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Curry Leaf Pepper Chickpeas – Chickpeas in Coconut Pepper Curry Leaf Sauce

Curry leaf Pepper Chickpeas. Chickpeas in a spicy South Indian pepper, coconut and curry leaf sauce. Use other beans and veggies of choice. | #vegan #glutenfree #Indian #chickpeas #recipe

Another month almost done. I was hoping to wind down in November and December but that isn’t happening. There is always more work to be done than I can handle. Any which way, I have been saying No for a lot of stuff to get some overall slow down. Plus, I might have down days… 

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Carrot Green Beans Poriyal – Green Beans Carrot Coconut stir fry

Carrot Green Beans Poriyal. Easy Green Beans Carrot Coconut stir fry side. South Indian Beans Coconut Poriyal Recipe. | #vegan #glutenfree #soyfree #indian

Somedays I have veggies left that need to be used up. A whole week will go by with recipe development, testing and more recipe trials and errors, before I get to some vegetables which were not used in the recipes. If i have no plans for those veggies, I look online for ideas, choose some depending on… 

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Vegan Bombay Potatoes and Peas

Vegan Bombay Potatoes and Peas | Easy Indian Spiced Potato and Pea curry. #vegan #glutenfree #soyfree #Indian

These Bombay potatoes are super easy and delicious. Potatoes and peas cooked in an easy onion tomato and spice sauce and garnished liberally with cilantro. There are several recipes for Bombay potatoes which are just dry or wet potatoes. I added peas to make them into a substantial meal or side. Serve these with whole grain… 

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