Vegan Quinoa Black Bean Casserole with Butternut and Cheddar Cream Sauce. Glutenfree Recipe

Quinoa Black Bean Casserole |Vegan Richa

This simple Vegan Quinoa Black Bean Casserole comes together within minutes and bakes up to layers of flavors. Spiced liberally, topped with butternut or other squash or sweet potato slices, vegan cheddar cream sauce, corn and jalapeno. Serve this as is, or fill up a taco or burrito. We discovered this really pretty beach (Speelyi… 

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Spicy Corn and 12 Vegan Cinco De Mayo Recipes. Gluten-free Soy-free Options


This Mexican-ish Spicy corn on the cob. Grilled to a blackened perfection and rubbed with cayenne, lime and nutritional yeast! The Indian corn on the cob, is grilled to blackened kernels, then served with a good rub of lemon juice, salt, cayenne/chili powder, kala namak or chaat masala. Cayenne is used liberally and with the… 

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Pulled Butternut Squash Tacos. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


Ack.. Cinco De mayo is coming up too soon. so lets make some Tacos!These super easy Shredded Butternut Squash Tacos. Shred the squash or use a spiralizer to make noodles. Cook it up with Chipotle sauce or roasted pasilla chile or guajillo chile sauce. Serve it up on soft tacos with greens, red cabbage, jalapenos,… 

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Chickpea Cauliflower Tacos with Lentil Mung Bean Tortillas. Vegan Gluten-free Grain-free Recipe


We are on a Cauliflower roll arent we..:) These tacos are super fabulous I tell you. I can just eat up all the Chickpea cauliflower filling all by itself. Caramelized onion, Cauliflower and cooked chickpeas mixed in with a load of taco seasoning. yum! I am very particular about the tacos and tortillas from the… 

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Spanish Rice, Buffalo Tempeh, Kale, Bell Pepper Wraps. Vegan Mofo Recipe


What the what.. Vegan MoFo(Month of Food) is here already! This year Month of Food is September. The plant based version of NaNoWriMo is all about blogging together, blabbing as much as you can about vegan food, a month of inspiration, themes, and meeting people. All of my Vegan Mofo posts from the last 2 years can be found here. This… 

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Cadry’s Grilled Avocados stuffed with Smoky Hearts of Palm Salsa. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


Its Wednesday and Cadry @ Cadry’s Kitchen is here today with this Fantastic Summer creation. I found Cadry during Vegan Mofo 2 years ago and have been a fan since. The things that make me visit her space again and again are her super fun Videos like these How to Suss out a Vegan -The Vegan… 

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