Vegan Tinga bowl with Hearts of Palm, Chickpeas, Spanish Rice

Vegan Tinga bowl with Hearts of Palm, Chickpeas, Spanish Rice | Vegan Richa

Say what. Tinga bowl with shredded hearts of palm, quick spicy chickpeas, spanish rice and other fixins. Tons of chipotle pepper usage.  Tinga dish is shredded meat (chicken) slow cooked in a spicy red chipotle sauce and usually served in tostados, tacos or tortilla. To make a vegan version, I use shredded hearts of palm!… 

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Almond Crusted Cauliflower with Nacho Cheese Sauce

Almond Crusted Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce | Vegan Richa

I am loving Nachos right now. So I decided to up the game with this pretty Almond Crusted Cauliflower served with Nacho cheese sauce, pico de gallo and guacamole. Fancy eh. Yep it works! Cauliflower slices are dipped in spicy batter, crusted in almond meal and baked. Then served with warm cheese sauce, salsa and… 

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Vegan Nachos with Nut-free Nacho Cheese

Vegan Nachos | Vegan Richa

  I had been meaning to make some Nachos with a sauce version of my Nut-Free Agar-free Nacho Cheese Slices and what better day than today. Today is National Nachos day   Make some Nachos. I made these around Lunch, quickly took some pictures with the winds howling away outside, and ate the whole bowl! Ok… 

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Sonoran Tacos from Vegan Tacos. Book Review and Giveaway

Sonoran Tacos | Vegan Richa

When I first heard of the book, I was intrigued. I have not been very adventurous with my Tacos, and this book was an eye opener. From Jason’s story, which got hubbs hooked to the book (which is a feat in itself since hubbs + cookbooks is a rare sight), the basics, the chapters on… 

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Vegan Quinoa Black Bean Casserole with Butternut and Cheddar Cream Sauce. Glutenfree Recipe

Quinoa Black Bean Casserole |Vegan Richa

This simple Vegan Quinoa Black Bean Casserole comes together within minutes and bakes up to layers of flavors. Spiced liberally, topped with butternut or other squash or sweet potato slices, vegan cheddar cream sauce, corn and jalapeno. Serve this as is, or fill up a taco or burrito. We discovered this really pretty beach (Speelyi… 

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Smoky Lentil and Sweet Potato Tacos. Vegan Recipe


Look what I found in the drafts. I was transferring the photographs from the machine. They eat up so much space :). And found these. I love lentils in and on anything, and Tacos are a perfect way to eat more. Change up the beans from your regular Tacos with these smoky lentils. Easier on the… 

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