Chickpea Pumpkin Veggie Pizza

Chickpea Pumpkin Veggie Pizza with Basic Pizza crust. Pumpkin sauce spiced with herbs and spices, topped with spicy chickpeas, veggies and pepita parmesan | #vegan #pumpkin #chickpea #pizza #fall

Continuing with the pumpkin season. Here is another easy pumpkin recipe to use up the pumpkin puree! Prep your pizza dough, mix herbs and spices in some chickpeas, mix herbs and spices in pumpkin puree, chop veggies for topping, layer, bake and done. GarNish with fresh herbs like basil or cilantro and vegan parmesan or vegan cheese… 

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Gluten free Yeast free Vegan Pizza Crust Recipe

Gluten free Yeast free Vegan Pizza Crust Recipe | Vegan Richa #glutenfree #vegan #pizza #yeastfree #chickpeaflour

We’ve been eating a lot of chickpea flour lately. My parents are in town and Dad prefers all Indian food, every single day. So breakfast is always savory, chickpea flour pancakes, savory oats and such. Snacks are chivda (savory Indian spiced trail mix), handvo (savory split pea zucchini cakes from the book) or baked fritters… 

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Spicy Tofu Peas stuffed Naan Calzone

Vegan Naan Calzones | Vegan Richa

These easy Naan calzones are great as a carry out lunch or a change from the usual pizza. The calzones are filled with spicy tofu and pea scramble, vegan cheese and sriracha. You can also make these into Naan Pizzas. Shape the dough into oval Naan flatbreads. Add a layer of marinara or pizza sauce,… 

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Vegan Thai Pizza with Gluten-free Crust

Vegan Thai Pizza GF Crust | Vegan Richa

This Thai Pizza combines my current favorite things, Peanut sauce, sprouts and more peanut sauce. This pizza comes together fairly easily, within minutes if you already have a crust.  Top with favorite vegetables that complement the peanut sauce like onions, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli. Add sprouts or not. Add vegan cheese or not. Bake and… 

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Buffalo Chickpea Pizza with White Garlic Sauce and Celery Ranch Dressing. Vegan Recipe

Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Pizza with White Garlic Sauce

This buffalo chickpea pizza was waiting to be edited and posted. This Pizza is based on the Buffalo chikun Pizza from Pizza Pi in Seattle. The spicy tangy Buffalo sauce, a generous amount of white garlic sauce and celery ranch sauce and oh my, It is so good! If you have the pizza dough ready,… 

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Vegan Gluten free Cauliflower Pepita Chia Crust with Beans, peppers and onions


  Kaboom. The Cauliflower Crust! This one has no almonds/nuts, uses pumpkin seeds and a thick chia gel to keep it together. With a few trials you will know what toppings and crust size work best for you. Make some! I have another cauliflower crust on the blog. Cauliflower Potato crust pizza which is a de-constructed Gobi… 

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