Cauliflower Pepita Chia Crust with Beans, peppers and onions. Gluten-free Vegan Recipe


Kaboom. The Cauliflower Crust! This one has no almonds/nuts, uses pumpkin seeds and a thick chia gel to keep it together. With a few trials you will know what toppings and crust size work best for you. Make some! I have another cauliflower crust on the blog. Cauliflower Potato crust pizza which is a de-constructed Gobi Paratha. I… 

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Southwestern Special Pizza and Heart Healthy Pizza Review and Giveaway.


Heart Healthy Pizza, by Mark Sutton is a book that grows on you slowly with the incredible possibilities packed in the compact handy book. The book is organized in chapters that include crust, sauce, and cheese-like toppings, whole pizza ideas, chapters on plant-based eating, fats and oils, cooking legumes and grains, general and recipe indices…. 

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Roasted Hatch Chile White Bean Cheesy Hummus, Kale, Cherry Tomato Pizza. Vegan Mofo Recipe


My love for Pizza and home-made hummus continues to make this Mofo Post 2. Exhibit 1 Chana Masala Hummus pizza, Exhibit 2 Split pea hummus pizza.Made this pizza about a week back with a soft Quinoa and bread flour crust, topped with a spicy cheesy hummus made with hatch chilies, smoky paprika and Northern white… 

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Split Pea Stew, Tomato, Onion, Pepper, Jalapeno Pizza – Sambhar Hummus Pizza. Vegan Recipe


Mom made a load of Sambhar(Split Pigeon pea dal with veggies(recipe coming soon)) to serve with Rava Dosa(instant gluten-free crepes.. yum) and we had a good lot of the dal leftover in the evening. As we know by now, that hubbs (and me) get antsy eating similar food for more than 3 continuous days. I have 3… 

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Gluten-free Lentil Rice Crust Pizza with Buffalo Mayo sauce, Red Bell Peppers and Broccoli. Vegan Gum-free Oil-free Recipe


Here is another awesome Glutenfree crust! It is not too crisp or dry and makes great individual sized pizza. This pizza idea came about because of Uttapams. The thicker pancake cousin of the Dosa crepes, which needs some special lentils, spices and fermenting over days. This crust however needs just a bit of yeast to help… 

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