Dhania Waale Aloo Mattar – Potatoes and Peas stir fry with crisp Cilantro. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


I clicked a bunch of pictures of the every day food when Mom was visiting. I had to remember to do so on most days. as the food would always get ready around meal time and served hot. Imagine trying to hold myself and sometimes others from eating, to take one picture.:) Now, to edit… 

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Tikki. Potato, chickpea, breadcrumbs patties. Vegan, glutenfree option


Vegan Mofo is not really over! There is a Iron chef challenge every second week of the month now and this week’s challenge is breadcrumbs! I made these cute little baked potato tikkis/cutlets with leftover Chana masala, boiled potato, Breadcrumbs and spices!. You can add any veggie leftovers like beans, sweet potatoes, risotto, cooked quinoa,… 

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Potato in Tomato Curry.


A simple, and quick fix for a week night. This curry is usually served with hot fried Pooris(small round breads made with whole wheat flour dough and fried to make puffed up balls). We serve it with Roti/chapati , because the fried pooris are too oily and fatty to be served as dinner! This tomatoey… 

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Baingan Aloo(Quick Indian eggplant Potato stir fry)


Another eggplant version that ends up on our dinner menu quite often. Simple and quick dish with potatoes and spices. Checkout some other eggplant dishes on the blog like Marwari stuffed Baingan(Indian eggplants stuffed with onions, spices and chili pickle)and Baingan Bharta(Roasted Mashed Large Eggplant). Below picture, everything added and mixed well with spices and… 

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