Herbed White Bean Rainbow Chard Thyme Pepita Parmesan Bowl. Vegan Recipe


This easy springy bowl today to balance out the decadence from the Carrot Cake Pancakes  Beans tossed in herbs and lightly roasted, Rainbow Chard wilted with garlic and chili, fresh juicy tomato and a generous sprinkling of the Pepita thyme rosemary nutritional yeast crumble. A dash of lemon juice and optional evoo. Less ingredients, more… 

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Mung Bean Sprouts, Seared Carrots, Kale Salad with Chili Lime Sesame Dressing. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe


Lets start this week of Vegan Month of Food(Mofo) with this allergen free Salad! A bed of Kale, topped with Mung Bean Sprouts, Seared Carrots and a zesty spicy Chili Lime dressing. Crunch and munch.We sprout different types of beans every few days, to saute and serve them for breakfast or snack or a side. We… 

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Toasted Rainbow Quinoa Salad with Rainier Cherries, Raisins, Red onion. vegan gluten-free fat-free recipe


‎”The idea that it is funny to see wild animals coerced into acting like clumsy humans, or thrilling to see powerful beasts reduced to cringing cowards by a whip cracking trainer is primitive and medieval. It stems from the old idea that we are superior to other species and have the right to hold dominion… 

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Maple glazed Delicata squash, cashews, baby spinach salad with creamy wasabi dressing. vegan glutenfree


It is a soup and a salad kind of week. This is what we did with the rest of the delicata squash. Some of it was roasted with olive oil, salt pepper and rosemary and served on Thanksgiving! This salad is on the go, randomly add whatever comes to mind, kind of salad. Hubbs wanted… 

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