Tandoori Tempeh, Mini Peppers, Pepper Jack Pizza on Crisp White crust. Vegan Recipe


Its Pizza time. This is the current favorite Pizza to whip up on weekdays in this house. The spicy juicy Tempeh tastes just like the meat crumbles you get at some Pizza joints. Use your favorite crust, veggies and non dairy cheese and you will not be disappointed.  With layers of fresh tomato, onions, pickled… 

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Mutter ‘Paneer’ – Spiced Peas and Tempeh curry. Glutenfree recipe, and Vegan Indian Cooking Book giveaway.


Vegan Indian Cooking by Anupy Singla.- Book Review This is one book that is a must have if you are trying your hand at Indian cooking, or trying to add interesting balanced meals to your vegan food repertoire. The book has 140 recipes with all the day to day, some known names, some new recipes…. 

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Tempeh Chili Roast – Kerala Style. vegan glutenfree. And Winners of the SoDelicious coupon Giveaway!


A spicy Tempeh curry for a Meatless Monday. This is one spiced up onion based dry curry, usually made with meat. I used Tempeh(fermented Soybean Patty). You can use any sturdy meat substitute of choice. Like for Tofu, add just a little water to the marinade. Adjust the spice to taste:) Serve this as side… 

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Kadhai Gobi, shimla mirch, Tempeh(Tempeh, cauliflower, bell pepper in spicy tomato gravy) Vegan, glutenfree and holiday ideas!


Kadhai /Karahi is an indian wok, usually made with cast iron or steel and used for shallow or deep frying or high heat dishes. Kadhai paneer(cottage cheese) or Kadhai Chicken/other meat is another one of the main course curries found on most Indian restaurants. So another one for me to veganize. Kadhai paneer or Paneer… 

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Tempeh Seekh Kebab. Vegan, Glutenfree


I made these Kebabs twice during Mofo. Managed to somehow click pictures once and then they just sat in drafts waiting for me to edit pictures, and write up the recipe details and put them up! Well .. say hello to another meaty fave veganized! Kebabs /Kabab/Kebob come in several versions.. Kebab with no qualification… 

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