Chipotle Mac and Cheese Pizza with Kamut Wheat Cashew Crust. vegan recipe


You have to make this Pizza like right now..  I have made it 3 times already since I took the pictures. Its just ridiculously delicious!  Vegan Pizza Mofo Post 11. The Chipotle Mac and cheese is already quite a regular fixture in this house and a hit with anyone who tried it. With more cauliflower than cashew,… 

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Deep Dish Cheddar Jalapeno Popper Pizza with White garlic sauce, Mushrooms, Kale, Cheddar on Semolina Wheat crust. vegan recipe


Vegan Pizza Month of food (Mofo) Post 8. Time for some indulgence after a bunch of super healthy pizzas. My version of the Chicago deep dish style Pizza. A crunchy semolina wheat crust with layers and layers of goodness.Some mozarella, topped with White garlic cream sauce, then some mushrooms and chopped kale(I have lots of kale… 

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Wheat Berry Pilaf with red bell pepper, onion, peas. Guest post for Veganosaurus. vegan recipe


I met Susmitha I think around Vegan Mofo last year  or maybe earlier. Come to think of it, I met so many wonderful bloggers in that one whirlwind month.  I was instantly attracted to her super cute hand made monsters, beautiful jewellery and amazing and simple food creations! When Sus asked me to do a… 

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Marble/Zebra Cake, Vegan. 2 versions, And baking with whole wheat flours. A guest Post for Sudha, the Green Crusader.


Thank you Sudha for sharing your space with me today! Sudha has 3 different blogs to showcase many of per passions. If you are into unique items, vintage, design and gorgeous finds, head on over to The Design Enthusiast. She chronicles Indian comfort food and her experiments at Avial and Rasam. And the best of… 

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