Spinach Paratha flatbread – Yeast free

Spinach Paratha flatbread | Vegan Richa

Parathas are thicker flat bread which may or may not be stuffed. These are spinach parathas where the greens are kneaded into the dough. Parathas can be made in several ways. There is the flaky lachha paratha, circle paratha, square paratha, and many more.  The spinach dough can also be used to make stuffed flatbread…. 

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Oil free Lentil Soup. Spicy Garlic Dal

Oil free Lentil Soup - Spicy Dal | Vegan Richa

Dals are definitely a favorite in my house in all seasons. Summer food also generally includes an easy dal, because it takes a few minutes in the kitchen and you don’t have to stand there in the heat while the lentils cook through.  This simple soup has no oil. The tempering is blended up onion,… 

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