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Take Instant Pot cooking to the next level with a pot-in-pot technique – Wa. Post. 

  • “I was immediately sold on the possibility. After all, the Instant Pot’s greatest gift to home kitchens isn’t the speed; it’s the hands-off cooking. Multiply the number of dishes you can make this way at once, and the efficiency can’t be beat.”

“This is next-level Instant Pot cookery — literally.”

Washington Post

With Vegan Richa, You Can Make Amazing Indian Food in an Instant Pot – Treehugger review 

  • “Vegan Richa’s recipe for Butter Chicken Sauce paired with the Baked Tofu was heavenly—and I’ve tried many versions, vegan and not, over the years. I couldn’t stop scooping it out of the pot, even as I was getting ready to serve my hungry kids. They loved it, too.”
  • “Whether you’re vegan or not, if you own an Instant Pot this is a cookbook worth ordering. Since getting my copy, I’ve used it multiple times a week because everything is just so easy and delicious.”

Publishers weekly

  • ”For delicious meals that can be made in a pinch, Hingle is a wise and unwavering guide.
  • “To showcase how versatile it is, she presents a wide array of vegan dishes that includes Indian comfort food, crispy Mexican crunch wraps, and desserts, and arms readers with the techniques, substitutions, and cooking times to create them, no matter where one lives (readers living at higher altitudes will particularly appreciate the adjustments made to accommodate).”

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Bonuses for Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook
Bonus #1:Sneak peak with early access
  • Sneak peak inside the book
  • Select recipes from the book with Videos
  • Instant pot cooking time charts as a quick reference for all the beans, lentils, grains and vegetables
Bonuses for Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook
Bonus #2 Exclusive set of recipes not in the book
  • Exclusive set of recipes that are not in the book or on the blog
  • Print these as an eBook to get started with your instant pot
  • Get cooking with peanut butter chickpea cookie pie, Mushroom ragu with spaghetti and more

Other giveaways coming soon including instant pot and its accessories… stay tuned!

What is the book About?

Level up your favorite plant-based meals with brand new techniques! 

Whether you are an Instant Pot™ pro or newbie, you’ll learn how to save time and maximize the potential of your machine with inventive new techniques for

  • layered pot-in-pot cooking (Crunchwraps!)
  • one-pot meals (Spicy Peanut Noodles in minutes)
  • dump-and-done meals (comforting Wild Rice Soup and Chana Masala—no sautéing)
  • roasting and caramelizing under pressure (Mushroom Gyros)
  • and much more!

With 150 recipes from a range of global cuisines highlighting an abundance of whole foods, vegetables, and legumes, minimal oil, and no processed ingredients, you’ll use your Instant Pot for everything from breakfasts (Chickpea flour Egg Sandwiches) to desserts (yes, brownies and cake!) to Richa’s fan favorite regional Indian specialties (tikka masala to mulligatawny) .Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot™ Cookbook will be your go-to guide for healthful, flavor-forward meals that are a breeze to get to the table.

Complete with myriad adaptations, swaps for allergies and special diets, and full nutritional information! All the recipes have allergy friendly options when needed just like the blog. Several are by default allergy friendly.

Sneak Peak


Why buy this cookbook?

150 Recipes, 400 pages, lots of photos, step photos, it’s 2 books in one! Indian Instant pot and Vegan instant pot cookbook

60 Indian Vegan Recipes with all your favorites restaurant style dishes, dals and veggies

75 non-Indian, lentil loaf, soups, pasta, chilies, dessert and more

Glutenfree options or are Glutenfree

Soy-free options or are Soyfree

Nut-free options or are nut-free

Nutrition breakdown

US as well as Metric measures

I’ve cooked with pressure cookers for more than 25 years So I definitely know something 🙂

Reason #4528 Support me the author and the blog. I’ve been working on the book for two years!

Another one, 40% of my proceeds from my books gets donated to various charities and causes. (Incredibly grateful that I can do this every year and being able to contribute that feels like the biggest accomplishment as a limitedly abled person)!

Why PreOrder?

Preorders have the guarantee that you will get the lowest price offered till book release day. That can be 20-40% lower based on preorder interest. Preorders also help generate interest for translated versions.



Are there gluten-free recipes?

Yes All recipes have Glutenfree options or are Glutenfree

Are there nut-free recipes

Yes, all recipes have Nutfree options if they use nuts. Many are by default nut free

Are there soy-free recipes

Yes, all recipes have Soyfree options if they use soy. Many are by default soy free

are there recipes that are no onion no garlic?

There are a few but most use them in some form. I have information on how to substitute onion and garlic in recipes in the introduction section of then book

Can I use a stove top pressure cooker for these recipes?

Yes, you can! See the introduction section on how to use the times for stove top cooking