Chivda- Savory cereal snack, with dried fruits, Roasted sprouted chickpeas. vegan, glutenfree, nutfree option

Chivda, is a generic name for a savory snack made with fried or shallow fried puffed or flattened rice (murmura, Poha). a savory Granola/trail mix if you will.

It is spiced with green or red chili, has nuts and dried fruits, sometimes has combinations of fried chickpea flour noodles(thin or thick Sev) or potato noodles(Aloo bhujia) and sometimes made sweet and salty. There are several varieties and names for the snack depending on the region in India. It is a fun option for a craving between meals to just munch on something. We Indians crave spice and salt more than sweet.:)
Most items in the Chivda are usually fried, and it becomes a somewhat unhealthy option. This one is roasted on the stove top with minimal oil and makes for a healthyier and very flexible chivda recipe.
We usually make the version with enough added nuts. The balance of some crunchy rice krispies/puffed rice and nuts let you munch on it, without over dosing on nuts.
If you would like to avoid nuts, replace the nuts with roasted chickpeas or red Lentils. Most pictures are with the Roasted sprouted Chickpeas. I usually sprout the chickpeas or red lentils, Toss them in a little oil and bake them at 330 degrees F in one layer, until almost crunchy. To sprout beans. lentils, seeds, see Healthful Pursuits Sprouting tutorial here.
You can add Roasted garam masala chickpeas, which are cooked chickpeas roasted with spices as well. The great thing about sprouting the chickpeas or any beans or lentils, is that you dont have to cook them before roasting. I am currently loving red lentils this way coz they add a smaller crunch.
You can add any seeds, grain flakes or other things you would normally add to a granola.
Add multigrain cereal flakes, puffed amaranth, Oats, grain flakes
Add nuts of choice, (mom loves peanuts)
Add large Coconut flakes,
Add seeds – sunflower, pumpkin , watermelon, sesame.
This one below has Almond slivers, Walnuts and Cashews.
1 Tablespoon organic canola oil
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/4 teaspoon fennel seeds(Optional)
1 green chili pepper chopped
8-10 curry leaves chopped
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste
1 teaspoon raw sugar or powdered Jaggery(Optional)
1 loaded cup Puffed rice
1 loaded cup brown rice krispies
1/4 cup each of raisins, dried cranberries or other dried fruit
1/2 cup Roasted sprouted chickpeas or roasted sprouted red lentils or Nuts of choice
2 Tablespoons dry watermelon seeds– Magaj(Or sunflower seeds)
2 Tablespoons sesame seeds
1/4 cup roasted chana dal-dalia, you can find this in indian store(Optional)
Heat the oil in a wide pan over medium high heat. Add mustard seeds when hot
As mustard seeds crackle, add green chili, and curry leaves. (Cover the pan immediately for few seconds to not get splattered by hot oil when you add the curry leaves) You can substitute finely chopped cilantro for curry leaves too. Let the cilantro become completely crisp before the next step.
Lower the heat to medium low.
Add raisins, cranberries (and nuts- about 1 cup, and chana daal, if using) and keep stirring for 30 seconds.
Add fennel seeds, Roasted chickpeas or lentils, watermelon/sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, salt and turmeric. Mix well for a few seconds.
Add the rise krispies, puffed rice. Mix well until the turmeric color is well distributed(about a minute).
Take off heat. Add sugar if using, a 1/4 tsp chili powder for spice, taste and adjust salt, mix well and let cool before serving or storing in an airtight container for a few weeks.

Make a fun chaat salad with this mix. Toss in some chopped onion, tomato, boiled potatoes, boiled chickpeas(black chickpeas work best), Chutneys(tamarind or cilantro), and chaat masala!
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  1. says

    savory cereal? that sounds awesome! i wish i could make this right now, it would totally hit the spot!

    and did i miss something? what is vegan chutney?

    • says

      We ate several versions while growing up:) with some more additions and changes in cooking style, they end up being a healthy snack option!
      sneak a peak at . will hopefully finish up a couple more things on it in a week :)

    • says

      Its foodgawker of all indian vegan food. I am working on the look and adding options and stuff. hopefully will help people find more indian vegan options. A lot of indian food is already vegan, also naturally glutenfree, but never categorized so on many blogs and sites.

    • says

      what a fantastic idea, richa!

      i reeeeeeeeally need to get my butt into gear and start making indian food, particularly all of you recipes.

      could you make me a list of spices/herbs i should get that you use for the majority of your recipes? i think i get overwhelmed and don’t know what to get!

    • says

      ooh i have to send you a starter kit.. it went on the backburner with the fundraiser. I am making one today and sending it out. i dont have tiny spice boxes.. so i am just packing in whatever i can find:)

      heres is vaishalis pantry list . she has marked the more important ones in bold. I’ll send you the dry stuff which will reach by monday. you can pick up the veggies and start cooking!:)

  2. says

    I’ve got to be that person that asks a silly question… what’s the difference between this and jhal muri? My gosh I fell in love with jhal muri in India. I could eat that stuff like it was going out of STYLE. Wow.

    • says

      Leanne, Jhal mudi is more like a fresh Chaat salad. Depending on the region it can be Tossed with chaat masala and dried sev and nuts, or also onions, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, boiled peanuts(i love boiled peanuts), tamarind chutney or other chutneys. Its usually mixed in fresh when you order. :)
      This is a roasted snack which can stored, and you can use this to make jhal mudi as well. just add some lemon juice, salt pepper, onions, tomatoes and cilantro!

  3. says

    I am a total grazer so I think I could pretty much LIVE on this stuff! I love the various textures and will satisfy my salty afternoon cravings in a way that a handful of nuts just can’t.

    I am sooooooo excited for vegan chutney (I saw your comment above to Caitlin)! It looks pretty dang amazing already!

    • says

      Thanks Kristy! I think thats why people back home created this snack for kids who keep munching:)
      Thank you so much! Hopefully will be able to straighten out some kinks soon!

  4. says

    Yum! I’ve never had actual chivda before (though have tried things like it) but it sounds wonderful. I love a nice salty, spicy snack, and this sounds like a great healthy option!

    • says

      Thanks Willow. It is like a moderately healthy snack, which also controls the hunger pangs and over consumption of sweet or nuts:)

  5. says

    I am wishing I was Indian… for reals though :) I want the “Crave salty over sweets” palate. Damn my American roots. ha. I’m with Caitlin on this one, what a FANTASTIC idea, Richa!

    • says

      haha. you dont have to be indian to change your taste buds. if u kee eating enough of these kind of snacks your taste buds will change. sugar and salt are both similar crave creating tastes:)
      Thank ya. i just wanted it to be easier to find indian vegan recipes:)

  6. says

    I love all the flavors, textures & colors in this snack, I have never seen anything like it! Roasted Chickpeas sound like they would be an amazing addition to this snack….vegan chutney sounds like an AMAZING idea Richa – brilliant!

    • says

      usually we add a whole lot of nuts for the protein.The chickpeas are a great sub for somone who cannot eat nuts. just a simple salty graze-able snack!
      Thanks Heather! Hopefully you all will be able to try out more indian food now;)


  1. […] It is spiced with green or red chili, has nuts and dried fruits, sometimes has combinations of fried chickpea flour noodles(thin or thick Sev) or potato noodles(Aloo bhujia) and sometimes made sweet and salty. There are several varieties and names for the snack depending on the region in India. A savory cereal/granola or trail mix. You eat it as is like roasted nuts or trail mix.    The version on this post has puffed Quinoa, puffed Rice and Brown Rice Krispies. It has fennel seeds for the sweet offset. I used cilantro instead of curry leaves. Fresh curry leaves are not easily available. Fresh cilantro usually is and works too.  I havent tried making puffed quinoa at home yet. Here is how if you would like to try. If you missed my Valentines Pink and Chocolate Roundup, catch it here. There is limited Oil, salt and sugar in this savory cereal. So this makes for a great munching option. The puffed grains distribute up the nuts and seeds, so you also end up eating less of the nuts in every serving. If you would like to avoid nuts, replace the nuts with seeds, roasted chickpeas or roasted red Lentils. A Nut free version with roasted chickpeas here. […]

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