Pesarattu (Whole Mung Daal dosa/ Mung Bean Crepe)

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I got into crazy cooking mode this Saturday, since I had not cooked much during the week except some regular dinner prep. So we made Chilla (Puda/Gram Flour Crepe) for breakfast and then made some Pesarattu (Whole Mung bean crepe) with coconut chutney for lunch!. I ran out of whole green mung bean, so i added some yellow mung bean. Watch the videos for a better step by step process!

(I use less oil and not as much cumin seeds for my coconut chutney)
(We made onion and ginger Puda, and of course forgot to click)

Sorry for the bad pics.. these were consumed in quite a hurry!:D
Written recipes coming up !



  1. extra points to the first person to leave a comment on how to make the cone.

  2. i think the cone can be made by making a slit in the circular dosa till the radius of the dosa, then rolling it into a cone & later pulling out the outer most layer of the dosa. i hope this is correct :) otherwise i have mocked myself enough :)


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