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Some favorites from Vegan Month of Food(Mofo) land today. I havent gotten around to visiting each and every of the hundreds of blogs yet but am hoping to reach atleast a good portion on the weekend. Till then here are a few that have me stalking them for more!

Pictured above .. Donauwelle {Marble Cake with Cherries, Buttercream & Chocolate}. I mean seriously.. Mihl at Seitan is My Motor is whipping up one German dessert after another, all veganized, most I cannot pronounce and all look super delicious. She has been posting everyday so you have a good load of German desserts to try out:)

Yes, I know, since we are on a sugar high, why not try these Honeycombs! or some Vegan Peeps or salted caramels! Cara at Fork&Beans is at it again with her awesomeness at creating candy so that no one has to go candy-free when they want one!

slice of pie

PB & J you say, yes there is a whole month of pbjs, sweet and savory, by Annie at AnRefined Vegan. Cookie, cupcake, this gorgeous chiffon pie, french toast, raw bars for 2, done. so many more to go!

Love to Travel?, then you dont want to miss Rika at VeganMiam blogging through all her travels in Spain and Buenos Aires! Lists of vegan grocery stores, daily eats, restaurants, airport meals and so much more. All those tips are surely going to make life easier! And it also helps that there are gorgeous photos all through. Valencia, I am already in love. 


We all know we want a meatball sub right.. You can get that and Smoky Pesto tofu rolls and Creamy Tomato Basil soup to fit your Brown bag lunch ideas by Megan at The Vegan CookBook Aficionado. I am making these for shizzle on the weekend!

parmigiana cupcakes

Genetically Modified Cupcakes.. like this Eggplant Parmigiana cupcakes.. nuff said. by The Vegan Kitchen of Dr Caligari.. Yes, exactly. that is exactly the expression on my face. Cannot wrap my head around it. 😀

Breakfast Burrito

Cadry of Cadry’s Kitchen is taking us back in time oops Back in Thyme! with her creations of foods we love! Like a good ol Breakfast Burrito, and Baked Tofu and Kale chip bowl with tahini dressing. Say yum. And those fun banners, stories and interviews with other vegans will keep you coming back for more. 

Phew. there will be more awesomeness in the next week round up! If you’d like to browse some participating blogs, keep clicking next on RandoMofo 

What are some of your favorite blogs this Mofo. I am sure I am missing out on many:) Happy Weekend all!

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  1. says

    look at all these wonderful links! i love the insanely creative themes! especially a month long of pb & j, because it was afterall my first vegan food obsession. and all the photos are gorgeous!

  2. says

    There is so much fun going on in the blogosphere this month!! I can’t wait to check out all of these links. Thank you for including me in the round-up!!

  3. says

    Richa, thank you so much for thinking of me and including me on your list of Vegan MoFo Follow Fridays! You are a darling! I am always in love with your food photography and Indian recipes. Have a lovely weekend and happy Vegan MoFo! xx

  4. says

    wow, wow, wow, wow – oh, and then wow! I do wish all these bloggers lived in the UK and we could meet up for foodie weekends!!!! great blog, as ever, Richa:)

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