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Here are some great gift ideas for vegans for this holiday season- Books, Clothes, Kitchen appliances, Activities. There is something here for everyone! 


Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen


200+ Reviews, 180 of them are 5 Stars!


Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen

800+ Reviews on various stores. 750 of them are 5 Stars!

If you’re like me, a little intimidated by Indian cooking, this is a great book. Richa has a nice introductory section explaining ingredients (all those spices!) and tools. She even has lists of “must have,” “good to have” and “nice to have” ingredients which helps to make things less overwhelming. And she has codes for soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and, my go-to, easy! “The Panda

I promised myself that I was NOT going to buy this book. I already own hundreds of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks. I received the book a week ago. Every recipe has been amazing. The book is perfect in every way. Richa gives preparation choices, always allowing you to make recipes low fat and healthy. These foods are even better than Indian restaurant foods because they are not heavy or fried.My only problem with this book is that I have to force myself to use my other cookbooks sometimes.
Update: I have had this book for many months now and I’ve come to the conclusion that this book needs it’s own category: cooking magic! An added bonus is that my house smells heavenly whenever I make any of these recipes. Recommended without hesitation.” – Amazon.

My books are also available in many countries and also in many languages such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish. Find availability and international book store links here!

If you have the print books, you can get the kindle versions 80% off on amazon!


gift ideas for vegans

gift ideas for vegans 

Instant Pot DUO 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

Check out some of my delicious Instant Pot recipes:

Nutribullet 12-Piece High-speed Blender

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

Non Stick PFOA free Skillet

Indian spice collection to jumpstart Indian cooking.

Vegan Yogurt Culture to make your own Yogurt at home. 

More Home and Kitchen options in my Amazon Store.


gift ideas for vegans

gift ideas for vegans

Winter Jackets from Save the Ducks

Peetje Multicolor Hearts Sweater from Armed Angels

Darren Pullover for men from Threads 4 Thought

More amazing vegan apparel brands:

Bio-degradable Eco ToothBrushes for the whole family by Brush with Bamboo. 


gift ideas for vegans


White Pineapple Leather Sneakers from Drizzle and Shine

Fair Skater Classic from Ethletic

Here are some other great vegan shoe brands:

  • Vegan leather shoes from NAE
  • Ballet flats, sandals and flip flops from Oka-B


Cruelty-free vegan leather satchel from Matt and Nat

Crimson vegan leather zip-around wallet from Jeane & Jax 

Vegan Watch in Pink and Gold from Votch


  • Gift a visit to a local sanctuary. 
  • Volunteer to play/walk with rescue dogs at the local rescue/shelters.
  • Visit the new Vegan restaurant in town
  • Cook up a Vegan Meal together!

Other Ideas? Please share in the comments below. What are you hoping to find in your gift basket!


*Some Links above are affiliate links. 

About Richa

Hi, I'm Richa! I create flavorful plant based recipes that are inspired by my Indian upbringing, including many gluten-free, soy-free, and oil-free options.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Would you recommend the Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s knife for cutting raw sweet potatoes? I can’t seem to find a good knife for that. Thanks!

    1. Richa says:

      Yes it works great.

  2. Colleen says:

    Do you use both a nutribullet and a Blendtec? just wondering!

    1. Richa says:

      i use nutribullet the most. Blendtec for larger quantities. for our family of 2, blendtec doesnt see the light as much

  3. Kelly Caiazzo says:

    I would add Rothy’s vegan 3D knit ballet flats to the list! They’re made from text led water bottles, machine washable, durable, adorable and the only ballet flats that have never given me a blister. I bought my mom and sister both a pair last year for Christmas and they love them as much as I do!

  4. Alicia says:

    Richa, the link to the vegan yogurt culture just goes to the Amazon search page for vegan yogurt culture. Is there a particular one you recommend? I’d like to order whichever you use directly from your link so you get a little kickback. I so appreciate your efforts and recipes, and want to be able to support you in your efforts to share awesome recipes. Thank you!

    1. Richa says:

      i usually use store bought non dairy yogurt to start a yogurt. it works just fine. I know people on the Instant pot group have often used cultures for health vegan starter.

      1. Alicia says:

        Got it; thanks!

    2. Mindy says:

      I use Belle and Bella vegan probiotic. It works consistently and it takes out the guesswork. After you make one batch of yogurt, you can reserve 1/4 cup of it to make the next generation.