Indian Chai Tea and Coffee. Vegan Gluten-free. And Awards and Tags!

One of the things which took the longest to find a substitute for when we were transitioning into a Vegan diet, was the creamy morning Indian Chai. The Indian Chai is very very different than the Chai tea versions you get in stores here. If you know hubbs, you will know that one of the things that he is extremely fab at in the kitchen, is making the very desi creamy spicy Indian Chai tea. Usually made with a good amount of whole milk, boiled with my home made chai spice blend and fresh ginger to perfection. Almond Milk and lots of other non dairy milks cannot really be boiled without changing the taste or texture. But eventually we did settle on this particular way of Chai which we both like.

With the thick Coconut milk creamer to make it creamy, the chai spice, and some delicious almond milk.
Method: Serves 2

Mix the following and bring to a boil on medium heat
3/4 cup water
1.5-2 tsps favorite good quality tea(we use loose leaf tea like Jivraj )
1.5 Tbsps raw Sugar or to taste or use any other sweetener of choice
1/2 tsp Chai spice blend
1-2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
Once it comes to a boil, reduce to a low simmer.

Add a few drops of cold or room temp water to reduce the temperature of the boiling water, then add 1.5-3 Tablespoons non dairy creamer(We use plain SoDelicious Coconut milk creamer).
Then add 1/2 cup almond milk. Let the tea get heated on low to a temperature that you like your tea at, then take off heat(We usually keep it on low for about 2 minutes).
Do not boil ! The almond milk consistency and taste changes a bit at high heat.
Strain and Serve immediately.
Now,(in 2013), we use only almond milk in the tea.(Almond breeze). Same process.
Chai Spice/Masala blend:
Grind 3/4-1 cup green cardamom pods, 1/4 cup cinnamon sticks or 2 Tablespoons cinnamon powder, 2 Tablespoons cloves, 2 Tablespoons whole black pepper, 2 Tablespoons ground ginger powder. 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds(optional). Store in airtight container!
If you are wondering about the daily Coffee, We hardly drink coffee and when we do, it is usually instant, with some plain coconut milk(I use So delicious plain coconut milk, you can use light canned too). For the the Indian frothy Coffee version, whip instant coffee with sugar and a few drops of water till it gets mouse-y stiff peaks. Add hot non-dairy milk, mix and enjoy. Here’s a video on how to whip it! :)

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Lots of Awards and a tag on this post.
Thank you to everyone for all the love!
Thank you RichGail at AstigVegan, and Chinmayie at LoveFoodEat for ‘Versatile Blogger Award
And Heather at Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes for the know me better tag!
Rules for both the Awards and the tag.
1. Thank the person who passed on the award to you. – Done
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5. Let the bloggers know about the award/tag!
Combining everything together with Heather’s questions, since that includes 7 things you dint know about me:)
  1. Describe yourself in 3 words?
    Weird, will-not-trust-u-at-first, Sweet if you get past the anxious exterior!
  2. What is your ultimate food weakness?
    Maybe some spicy garlicky Daal.
  3. What is your favorite book of all time?
    None. I dont read much except going through cook books or food magazines.
  4. What is the most exotic place you have travelled to or through?
    Melghat– Tiger reserve in Maharashtra, India. A lot of the population there is from different Tribes ,who live in houses/huts of grass and wood which are short, and half under the ground. I was 15 or 16 when I went on a trip there. We went for short hikes through the forest and visited homes of these sweet and very welcoming people.
  5. What is your favorite aspect of blogging?
    Meeting people from all places bursting with different types of creativity!
  6. Would you describe yourself as a control freak, perfectionist or laid back & why?
    Somewhat of a control freak.:) But I can let go of some things now.
  7. Favorite Cocktail or Mocktail- please share!
    Lemon juice, water, with rock salt, sugar, cumin and mint.
  8. How do you celebrate your birthday
    It depends on hubbs:)
  9. Do you sing in the car; if so, at the top of your lungs or do you lip sync?
    At the Top of my voice!!
  10. What is the one goal you set for yourself in 2012 that seems the most attainable?
    Hmmm.. To be able to take a flight somewhere.. wait maybe just sit in a plane first.
  11. Who are the bloggers that most inspire you to be a better blogger, writer, photographer or all around person?
    There are too many to mention. A few are listed below.
  12. What is your favorite thing about yourself; anything goes, personality trait, feature or benefit
    I am thankful that my brain and heart has the compassion to be able to understand the pain around and am thankful that I was able to make some changes in my own life and hopefully affect others while doing so. Want more.. read the About Me page on the blog.
People I am passing on the tag(same 12 questions) and the Versatile Blogger Award to
Susan at FatFreeVegan. Who doesnt know Susan really. Theres a huge collection of vegan recipes on her site.
Janet at Tastespace: Her experiments with Indian food take it to a whole new level. So many cuisines and amazing fusion creations. Ginger lime Wasabi edamame hummus! Need I say more.
Dassana at Veg Recipes of India : Dassana has a beautiful vegetarian blog and an amazing collection of regional recipes. A lot of them are naturally vegan and some easily made vegan. There are so many different styles of cooking, spices and specialties of different regions in India.
Sonnet at For the Love of Food blog I have been lacking at visiting Sonnet lately, but she has newly landed right in the middle of my yum radar.
Ricki at Diet Dessert and dogs If you need to find out about certain types of diets, all the new substitutes in the market, dont know what Stevia or coconut sugar is?, head on over to Rickis.
Ella at Lifeologia Ella has a very beautiful blog about all things life, crafts, and food. I love her ‘Happiness is’ series. All the small and sweet things in life captured by her beautiful eye.
Champa At Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen: Champa indeed has a very versatile vegetarian blog. Lots of vegan options too. How-tos ,Dosa, Idli, spice mixes, baked goods and more.
Also, do check out the fabulous bloggers who passed on the awards to me and their lists and tags! Thank you all once again.
RichGail at AstigVegan, their travels and happenings and some amazing Filipino dishes you would have never heard of! Chinmayie’s simple recipes and beautiful photography and her List which included faves like Scandifoodie, New roots and more. Heather‘s Irish whiskey chocolate bread pudding and Cottage pie.. aaah! and lots of faves on Her Tag including Caitlin, Cara and Genevieve!
Have an amazing weekend everyone.
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  1. says

    I haven’t ever been a fan of chai tea, but this sounds wonderful! If I wake up early enough before work tomorrow, I shall have to give this a go (I’m pretty sure we have some chia spice in the cupboards somewhere).

    Also, how is that chili chocolate? I see that in Fred Meyer’s but I’m not a big fan of spicy things so I always pass it up..

    • says

      yeah chia spice will not work:)
      Give it a try for sure.. I grew up drinking tea everyday, so it was difficult to find a similar replacement. You might not want it this creamy or spiced up:)

      the chili chocolate is nice. hubbs loves it! I am not so much of a chocolate person:)

  2. says

    i was never a fan of chai either, but i think i would probably like your version a LOT more than store bought bags. and i loved your facts about yourself! i’m gonna have to try your mocktail- sounds delicious!

    • says

      Thanks Caitlin, the store bought bags are usually inferior quality tea. We use loose leaf tea from an indian company. Try some good assam or darjeeling loose tea!

  3. says

    Okay, it is fate because I keep hearing about how good So Delicious is (it really does fit its name, eh?) …maybe I feel finally try it–especially if this chai is mixed with it. Girl, you found my weakness! And weird??? I have a feeling that weird is NOT a word that best describes you. Here are my 3 words I would choose for you: Compassionate, talented, and generous (with your time, your words, and your love and support). xo!

    • says

      Thank you Cara for your 3 words! hugs!:) I did the rapid fire answer session:) whatever came to my mind at the point got written up:) I take a bit of time to open up, during which I can be categorized as strange:)
      I like the Sodelicious creamer and milks coz they dont taste as strongly of coconut milk. I loovve the yogurts and am waiting for summer to indulge in some icecreams!

      The Indian Chai is very creamy and spiced up, you can adjust those to your taste, the ginger, cardamom and cloves together though is a must try!

  4. says

    for the first time i am seeing a vegan chai. i used to make one a year ago with soy milk and the taste would be not so good.

    thanks for the award and mention. first time i am getting a blogger award 😉

    nice to know so many vegan links.

    • says

      Thanks Dassana. Give this version a try. you can use just coconut milk too. With a good amount of the chai masala, the coconut taste will not be as strong.

  5. says

    Thanks Richa for thinking of me. I am really honored. What a coincidence I just made masala chai mix and wrote it up. Have to take the picture and post. Have a great Sunday.

  6. says

    Your “tea tea” looks great (did you know that “chai” means “tea”, so “chai tea” is redundant and thus means “tea tea” haha). Anyway, I love that cup! I must try out this recipe.

  7. says

    Chai tea is such a wonderful treat! It’s both relaxing and invigorating, all at once. Iced chai is fantastic for the warmer months too, and I have a feeling I’ll start making it cold sooner than later, based on our suddenly summery weather.

    • says

      That tells you about our infrequent coffee habit:) I dont think we can ever finish beans in this house. and to think we live in Seattle!:)

  8. says

    Mmmmm Chai Tea – I LOVE the stuff (homemade, not the bagged version which always has a funky taste)

    I love your homemade mix, I will definitely have to make up a jar to keep on hand. I too am a tea drinker, my day just doesn’t start right until I have a cup of hot tea in hand :)

    Thanks for playing along Richa = I Loved getting to know you a bit more!

  9. says

    Thanks so much for the award, Richa! I love your blog and always admire your delicious combinations of flavors. This chai looks amazing by the way ! :)

  10. says

    Thanks so much for the generous mention! Your blog serves a similar purpose to me-introduce the wonderful, creatives dishes of India..not to mention, a cool place called Melghat! Btw, I’ve been missing Chai tea since I went vegan, now I can try it with this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  11. says

    whooohoo for using almond milk! i haven’t had chai tea coffeee in ages. i love the flavors of it though. thanks for the recipe, richa :)

  12. says

    I must try this recipe – I’m a big tea drinker 😉 and your photos with the steam coming up make it look sooo soothing. Lovely 😉

    Thanks so much for including me in your blog links – I’m honoured 😉

    ps. blogger kept giving me errors when I posted comments here so I do hope this goes through ;D

  13. says

    I’m just trying to catch up on all my blogs now, and I’m glad I stopped to read this one so I could learn a bit more about you! That tiger reserve sounds like an amazing place to visit.
    Congrats on the awards and thanks for the recipe – I love chai but I rarely get to have the authentic kind because I haven’t tried making it myself at home

  14. says

    This chai sounds fab! I recently did a chai (and then I did a spiked dirty chai). Such a great beverage! Thanks for the comment on my sweet potato miso soup on my site. I can’t wait to look around your blog. Have a wonderful week!

  15. says

    Hi Richard

    I was looking for a reciepe for chai and found your blog. Just made the tea this morning ( with slight variants in the masala).

    I was praying before taking my sip.. Please be good, please be good! And I was so pleasantly surprised

    Thank you! I can now give up milk…Wehoo


  16. Priya says

    Hi! I’m looking for a masala tea with almond milk recipe…did you mean you no longer use the creamer? I’m looking to only use water and almond milk has the liquids for my tea.


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