Vegan Chopped: Black-eyed Pea Pizza crust, Blackberry Tomato chutney w/ Cauliflower, and Spinach Blackberry Mint Salad. Glutenfree, recipe

Isa (PPK) announced The Vegan version of Chopped, online 2 days back.. and my nerves have been working overtime since then. esp with a packed weekend. I have never watched Chopped, so I tried watch one of the episodes. The animal things and the camera movements(hello motion sickness) made that impossible. So I just read up about it and here we go!

The results are now out here! And I managed to be in the Runners up! :)
The mystery ingredients were:
Black eyed Peas, Mint, Blackberries, and bittersweet Chocolate! to make an Entree in 40 minutes.

What I came up with is this Pizza and a side salad.
Black eyed Peas, Mint, Collard, garlic, chocolate, garam masala crust.
Topped with Cauliflower tossed in Blackberry Tomato Chutney and grape tomatoes.
Garnished with Mint.
And a side salad of Spinach, Blackberries, Mint topped with a Balsamic and bitter chocolate dressing.

I added some chocolate to the crust to add a bitterish taste. Black eyed peas are quite a neutral taste by themselves. So the mint collard and chocolate worked well together.
The blackberries made for a deliciously intriguing and pretty colored chutney which was the pizza sauce.
I added some chocolate to the balsamic vinegar dressing and that was a fun salad!
The pizza is based on my deliciously good Sprouted Chickpea Pizza
Cauliflower in Blackberry Tomato sauce.
The crust bakes very well. You can make burger patty out of it and make burgers with greens and the Blackberry Tomato Chutney as well!

You can find all the other Chopped entries on the PPK fb page here

Ingredients: makes one 9 inch round – Serves 1 hungry person
1.5 cups black eyed peas(canned, cooked or sprouted)
1/4 cup Oats
1/4 cup chopped Mint
1/2 cup chopped Collard greens or other greens
1-2 Tablespoon melted 70% cacao chocolate(skip if you dont like the chocolatey bitterness)
2 Tablespoons organic oil of choice(I used 1 Tbsp virgin coconut and 1 Tbp extra virgin olive oil)
1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste
3-4 cloves of garlic
1/2 teaspoon garam masala or to taste
1 dried red chili or to taste or skip

1/2 cup small cauliflower florets
Grape tomatoes
Chopped Mint

1 medium tomato
1/4-1/3 cup Blackberries
1 inch ginger chopped
1 green chili
1 teaspoon oil
salt to taste

Salad Dressing
3 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 Tablespoon 70% cacao chocolate or any bittersweet chocolate

Chopped Spinach, Blackberries and Mint

Start up the oven to preheat to 425 degrees F.
Pulse all ingredients for the crust until a thick doughy batter is formed. Use a Tablespoon or so water if needed.
Spread the thick batter on parchment lined sheet using circular motion to about a 1/4 inch thick.
Bake for 6-7 minutes.
Meanwhile, make the Chutney sauce. In a pan, add oil, heat on medium high.
Add ginger and chili, Mix for a few seconds.
Add chopped tomato and blackberries, salt to taste.
Cook for 3 minutes. Stir every few seconds.
Add the cauliflower, toss and cover and cook till 2 minutes.
Take the crust out. Top it with the cauliflower and the thick chutney.
Add halved grape tomatoes and other veggies of choice.
Bake for 20-25 minutes. Garnish with freshly chopped mint and chili flakes before serving.
Meanwhile, prep the salad. Chop up greens(I used Spinach), add Blackberries and mint.
In a small pan, heat the balsamic vinegar on low. As soon as it starts to bubble a little, take off heat.
Add chocolate and mix well.
Let this mix cool for a few seconds and then top the salad with the dressing.
If you like the dressing, then sprinkle some on the pizza as well!:) Serve.
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  1. says

    I am always impressed by Chopped contestants- just howww do they figure out how to combine everything to taste good??

    Now you are added to that list- what an awesome idea! Good luck!

  2. says

    i love how creative you are with pizza crust! black eyed peas and chocolate? hell yes! this looks like an amazing chopped entree! i even love the simplicity of the side salad 😉

  3. says

    Congratulations on your honourable mention in the PPK Vegan “Chopped” competition! Your plating is absolutely gorgeous…I hope I get get up to your level some day!

    • says

      Thanks Shira. I was dropping things and totally on the edge of my nerves during those 40 minutes of work.. then finally took a break after and took pictures:)

  4. says

    What a beautiful entry! Congratulations on being one of the runners up! This is such a fun idea. I hope that Isa does it again!

  5. says

    This combination is so unique! Usually I would be scared away, but I’m actually quite intrigued. I’ll definitely be trying this for myself soon. Also, I love the chocolate you used. It’s one of my favorites!

  6. says

    I love to watch Chopped! What a neat idea! Good job with your ingredients, your recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul!

  7. says

    WOW! This looks really good. I was searching for Pizza Recipes, I am planning to make a fantastic Home-Made Pizza for an upcoming Filipino singles party for all my filipinos here in Great Falls. As a filipino woman who just moved in America, I really dont have a lot of experience making some good pizza. In the Philippines, we have different type of Food. When I cam here everytime I attend a party, there’s always like chips, mexican food, and of course the Pizza. I think Pizza is great to have for parties. So, Really glad to find some good recipes and try. Experimenting and trying new recipe is fun to do, and everyday practice makes a perfect pizza! :)


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