Easy Chai Banana Ice cream, Mocha Chocolate cake, Chai spice Caramel Sundae. vegan recipe

Chai Banana Ice Cream Sundae | Vegan RichaIts hot out here in Seattle and my teeth are behaving. Yes, they cannot deal with the amount of chocolate and ice cream I throw at them, so I have to pace some. Luckily for them(unluckily for people) Seattle has been on the cooler side all through summer. But the day it gets warm enough, I throw atleast 2-3 scoops of ice cream at my teeth. They usually do fine with slightly soft, not too cold and less chocolate-y ice creams(bummer, coz this is the year of chocolate for me. Maybe we should have some cencepts of year of chocolate, ice cream , kale or something like that 😉

Serve a good portion of the cake, with a dollop of ice cream, topped with caramel, nut crumbs and cherries.
Or serve scoops of the Ice cream, topped with caramel sauce, nuts and thin slices/logs of the Mocha cake.
Heather is hosting the Vegan Sundae challenge , and today is the last day to submit entries. Crazy right. Last minute, thy name is Richa.
Too hot, too hot! Quick, take pictures before I melt away.
The ice cream is simple. This is a single serve because hubbs is allergic to bananas, so that means I get to eat all of this, ha!
No worries, Hubbs “will” get to eat some with a SoDelicious Mocha almond fudge scoop. Yup, he probably will get home after 9, so I cannot really guarantee the existence of the cake, caramel or the ice cream. There are plenty cherries.
I have never really been too fond of Sundaes. In fact, never ate one till I came to the land of chocolate, brownies, and loads of sugar. Same applies to hubbs, We’d rather eat some Chaat(savory Indian snacks with chutneys) than a brownie.
The story goes that this is the year of Chocolate for me. I have developed a sudden liking for it, which was non existent till last year. hmmm. Last year was the year of the Indian Pickle.
And I love all things cardamom and Chai spice. Hence the play with these flavors, and theme for the Sundae challenge.
Its almost a Brownie Sundae with the dark Mocha cake. I just make the cake so often, that I used that instead of a fudgier brownie.:)
Remind me to make more Frozen treats, so they can have a separate album and recipe section. What are you loving this summer?
Shades of Caramel Sundae. (Ok, I dont know what to call it yet. Leave me a suggestion:)
Chai spice Ice cream: serving 2 scoops. Fat-Free, Gluten, dairy, egg free
2 ripe bananas, chopped and frozen for an hour
1-2 teaspoon So Delicious coconut creamer or non dairy milk
spices: a generous pinch of Chai spice with an additional dash of black pepper if you will. or spice of your choice
Mocha dark chocolate cake slice:
My Mocha cake recipe made with 85% dark theo chocolate.
Chai spice caramel:
Quick Chai spice: 1 teaspoon cardamom powder, a pinch of ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, clove powders.
coarsely chopped almonds/pistachios
fruit of choice like cherries/strawberries
Chop and freeze ripe bananas for atleast an hour.
Blend with a teaspoon or so of coconut creamer and chai spice(optional) until smooth. Add teaspoon of raw sugar if the banana isn’t sweet and ripe enough. I did not need any.
Return to the freezer for 1-2 hours depending on your freezer.
Till then prep or make your Mocha dark chocolate cake and chai spice caramel.
Take a slice of warm cake, place a scoop of the banana ice cream on the cake.
Drizzle as little or as much of the chai spice caramel.
Top with almond or pistachio crumbs.
Top with a cherry or sliced strawberries. Serve!
Or you can serve large Ice cream scoops, topped with caramel, nuts side small logs of the chocolate cake.
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  1. says

    Richa this sounds delicious! I love the addition of the brownie! It has so many crave worthy elements with the fudgy brownie, the cool creamy ice cream and gooey caramel! Yum :)!

  2. says

    I just accidentally bought WAY too many bananas…..ahhhhh, darn I guess I need to make some ice cream now:-) Your sundae looks AMAZING!!!! Hugs, Terra

  3. says

    that’s it, cannot wait, I need to get to this ice cream place here that serves such awesome sundae’s and enjoy them. I love cake with ice cream. It makes the ice cream taste better.

  4. says

    richa! this looks positively sinful! but the ice cream is relatively healthy! i’m not a huge fan of chai-spiced things, but this looks delicious. cheers to the year of chocolate! (and hoping your teeth continue to behave!)

  5. says

    Dear Lord, that looks amazing! I’ve never been a sundae person either, but that caramel sauce looks just to die for! I don’t know how you can not win with this sundae! Good luck!

  6. says

    Your sundae looks so good! I thought the banana “ice cream” was crazy till I got a high powered blender. Now we love it — I add other flavors too.

  7. says

    Richa, my apologies for not getting here sooner. This looks absolutely divine! It is being featured this week in the ‘Made From Scratch’ Monday event. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe ☺

  8. says

    It’s so hot here, too! I think today is the hotest day of the year so far. I’d love some ice cream right now. With a piece of cake…

  9. says

    I like using the So Delicious coconut creamer in my coffee, but never thought to make banana ice cream with it – I love your idea of combining the creamer with chai spices and banana! And I’m not a big fan of chocolate either, but those pictures are definitely making me crave a brownie sundae right now – looks amazing!

  10. says

    I stumbled across your blog a couple of days back and have been hooked since! :) I’m a new vegan and was craving something sweet yesterday so I tried this recipe and it was absolutely delicious! I also made the creamy mushroom and peas curry and loved it! Can’t wait to try some more of your recipes :)


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