Mango and Beet Halwa bites with Candied Beet Coconut Rice thins. vegan glutenfree option

How cute are those candied beet cubes! Below Drizzled with Beet ginger syrup…

Vegan Chopped Entry number 2. Check out the first entry- No Bake Mango and Beet cream pie with Coconut almond Rice cereal crust on the Facebook page here.

Its been one crazy weekend so I am rushing to finish up this post. Hop on by the post again later today to read about the weekend.(Updated below)
Mystery ingredients for this dessert round were:
Ripe mango, red beets, unsweetened coconut, rice cereal

Part of Saturday went in saying goodbye to a friend from our building. She was leaving for LA, was 2 months preggers and we were trying to figure out what she can eat. She apparently is doing better on a plant based diet because everything else makes her very sick. So I made her try a lot of non dairy ice creams and some non spicy indian food! I guess she is going to survive her pregnancy on almond milk ice creams and gobi parathas (stuffed indian flat breads):)
Most of Saturday and Sunday went in helping find my friend’s dog Mia, a super cute Labradoodle. She was stolen from Seattle Center within a minute, when she was left tied to a pole. We put up loads of flyers all around seattle center and working outwards, coffee shops, grocery stores, all poles, and also spammed facebook and other social media. And it paid off! A woman(Kate) who has seen her picture on facebook recognized her on Upper Queen anne Safeway with a man who was checking out. Kate confronted the guy and eventually he fled. Mia is home safe, a bit stressed and tired, but in the loving arms of her family! There are good peeps in the world. Thank you all the people who helped. It was such an amazing day with so many people coming together in so many ways.
Lets head to the recipe now:). The balls are soft halwa balls(fudgy sweet balls) made of coconut, rice cereal and semolina, No added oil!
2 balls were mango. 2 had some candied beet and beet syrup in them.
You can substitute the semolina with cream of rice for a glutenfree version, or use more coconut flakes and ground rice cereal like these pink Beet coconut balls I made before(these will need more coconut and will take longer to cook).
Topped with candied beet cubes and coconut shreds and placed over rice cereal and coconut thins( which are glutenfree) which also have candied beet sprinkled in!
Add some additional beet syrup(optional) and serve warm. Simple pleasures in small intricate bites:) These can be made in Sammishes with the halwa pressed in between 2 thin cookies as well.
Servings 4, 2 inch halwa balls over thins.
Candied Beet:
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup finely cubed beet
3 Tablespoons raw sugar
1 teaspoon grated ginger
Candied Beet Thins: GF
1/4 cup coconut flakes
1 cup crisp rice cereal
1 teaspoon flaxmeal
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
2 Tablespoons water
2 Tablespoons ground raw sugar
2 Tablespoons candied beet and some beet syrup
Mango Halwa:
1/4 cup coconut flakes
1/4 cup rice cereal – ground coarsely with a pulse in the blender
1/4 cup semolina (to make glutenfree, substitute with cream of rice or make pink Beet coconut balls with added rice cereal)
1/2 ripe mango(medium )
1/4 cup water
2 -3 Tablespoons raw sugar(more if the mango is not ripe enough)
Beet Halwa:
Add 2 Tablespoons Candied beet and 1 teaspoon beet syrup
Candied Beet:
In a pan, add the chopped beet, ginger, water and sugar. Mix well and cook on low-medium heat until the syrup thickens to like maple syrup consistency. 35+ minutes. I had a little more than a Tablespoon syrup reserve.
Beet Thins:
In a bowl, add flaxmeal, raw sugar and warm water and mix well.
Add coconut flakes to a blender and Blend a bit till some of it become buttery.
Add the Rice cereal and baking powder to the same blender, and pulse it once or twice to make a coarse flour.
Add to flaxmeal mixture and combine.
Add 2-3 Tablespoons candied beet cubes, a teaspoon of beet syrup, mix and form 4-5 medium size thin cookies.
Bake at pre-heated 350 degrees F for 15-17 minutes.
Cool for a few minutes.
Serve warm, layered with warm halwa, topped with candied beet and coconut flakes.(and/or beet syrup)
Blend the chopped mango, sugar and water and keep ready.
In a deep pan, add the semolina and roast on medium heat for 2-3 minutes until the color starts to change.
Add the coconut flakes and coarsely ground rice cereal and roast or another minute or 2 until the coconut smells toasty and leaves a little oil.
Add the blended mango mixture and cook on low heat until the dry ingredients absorb the puree and make a thick halwa consistency.(3-4 minutes, stir every few seconds)
Remove half of the mixture and keep aside to cool a bit.
To the other half, add a Tablespoon of candied beet cubes and a teaspoon of beet syrup(if you have some left), mix for a few seconds.
Take off heat and keep aside to cool.
Make balls or other shapes with the halwa mixture and place on coconut rice candied beet thins. Top with candied beet cubes(how pretty are those), coconut shreds (and beet syrup-optional). Serve warm.
Serve As is or With a side of this Mango Beet spiced which you can add the beet green tops too!
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  1. says

    these are beautiful, richa! i love that first photo! good luck in the contest!

    i will check back later to read about your weekend 😉

  2. says

    you are a genius richa. i wonder how you come up with so many healthy sweet treats. i can imagine what a weekend it must have been for you. thankfully mia was found. when i saw on fb her photo, i was thinking how she must have coped…. god bless kate who helped find her.

  3. says

    Are you kidding me?? Someone actually STOLE the puppy, not just she got lost? That’s awful! Thank heavens for dessert to make things better, and for lovely people who have the courage to speak out when they see something amiss.

    • says

      It was so amazing that Kate stood up to that guy. Lately there have been a good number of dogs getting stolen around here. grr


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