A Vegan Thanksgiving - Smoky Chipotle sauce, Marinara, Mushroom, Spinach, Havarti Lasagna and more. Vegan, Glutenfree Options

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Holy deliciousness! If you havent decided on the menu yet.. Here are some insanely delicious options, some glutenfree, and can be made ahead and kept!

Like this "I am too full, but I still want to eat another helping of " this Lasagna.
Layers of 
creamy, cheesy, smoky Chipotle Cauliflower sauce, 
Daiya Jalapeno garlic Havarti, 
crunchy Herbed bread crumbs. mmm mmm.
It is decadent enough with the Cheese layers, and wholesome with the cauliflower as the base in the Chipotle sauce.

See them layers of deliciousness! This picture is from the next day. The lasagna tastes even better after a day.

The Lasagna can be easily made glutenfree with Glutenfree Lasagna sheets and gf bread crumbs, or omit the bread crumbs. The sauces and cheeses are gf. 

On another note, I rant on my personal blog. The holidays always get the best out of me.
If you are wondering why spare a Turkey this TG, Please watch this Undercover turkey abuse video by MFA. Viewer discretion is advised. These birds are intelligent and sweet animals and deserve a better life.

Here are the Step by Step Pictures

Brown the onions

Brown the cauliflower with spices, cook till tender, cool and blend.

In the baking pan, spread about 1/2 cup marinara sauce.Then place 3 noodles on top. 

Top the noodles with creamy Chipotle sauce and spread evenly.
Top the sauce with mushrooms, then top with another layer of noodles.

Spread 1/2 cup marinara, then chopped Spinach 

and shredded Daiya Jalapeno garlic Havarti or vegan Mozzarella of choice or my homemade recipe oilfree Coconut milk Mozzarellato evenly cover the spinach.

Top with a layer of noodles. Spread 1/2 cup creamy Chipotle sauce, then mushrooms.
Add more layers as needed.
Top with a layer of noodles. Spread 1/2 cup creamy Chipotle Sauce.
Top the top with Tomato Slices. and then with shredded cheese.

Then sprinkle the herbed bread crumbs liberally on top of the cheese as the final layer.

Cover the Baking dish tightly with foil. Bake in preheated 350 degrees F for 50 minutes.
Remove foil and Broil on Lo for 1 minute.

Check out the complete recipe, sauces, cheese and more on on my guest post for The Vegan Woman here, or see below

This year, I decided to revisit an always favorite Lasagna for my feast. This Lasagna is sure to blow everyone's mind away. It is delicious, wholesome, decadent, does not look like a vegetable :), has no fake meats and smells amazing too. It has smoky flavors from the creamy Chipotle sauce, the traditional from the marinara, loaded with mushrooms and Spinach or anything else you want to layer up, topped liberally with Daiya havarti and crisp herbed bread crumbs. What more can you want :) 
The Cheesy and creamy Chipotle Cauliflower sauce is based on my very addictive Roasted tomato, cauliflower chipotle mac and cheese sauce, which has received rave reviews by everyone who tried it. It is a light sauce with a Cauliflower base and limited nuts and still makes the dish feel indulgent. 

Chipotle Cauliflower sauce, Mushroom, Spinach, Marinara, Jalapeno garlic Havarti Lasagna Recipe
Allergy Information: Dairy, egg, corn, soy free. Can be made glutenfree
Makes one 7 by 11 inch baking dish

15 No Boil Lasagna sheets, 3 noodles for 5 layers (Use brown rice or other pasta to make glutenfree)
1 cup sliced button Mushrooms
1 cup finely chopped baby Spinach
1 Recipe Chipotle Cauliflower sauce(recipe follows)
1+ cups marinara(store bought or home made, my sundried tomato marinara recipe)
Daiya Jalapeno garlic havarti wedge, or use vegan Mozzarella of choice, or my Oilfree nutfree Mozzarella recipe
1 large Tomato sliced
1 Recipe herbed Bread crumb topping (recipe follows)

Herbed Bread Crumb topping:
Mix the following and keep ready -
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons dried italian herb blend or basil and parsley
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Cauliflower Chipotle sauce:
2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
1/2 head of cauliflower, chopped into 1/2 inch slices
1/2 Red Onion sliced
3-4 cloves of garlic, chopped
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon Chipotle Pepper flakes
2 Tablespoons nutritional yeast
1/2 teaspoon mustard powder
1 teaspoon fresh rosemary
1/4 cup ground raw cashew
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup coconut milk


Cauliflower Chipotle Sauce:
In a large pan, add the oil and heat on medium.
Place sliced onions on the pan without overlapping and let cook until slightly brown(6-8 minutes).
Move them to the side and place Cauliflower on the pan.
Let it roast uncovered till the bottoms brown a little. (6-8 minutes)
Add garlic, Chipotle pepper flakes,mustard powder, rosemary, salt, 1/4 cup water and mix.
Cover and cook for another 7-8 minutes until cauliflower is almost tender.
You can also roast the cauliflower florets in the oven. Coat lightly with olive oil, roast at 400 degrees F until slightly brown and almost done.
Cool for a few minutes, then blend the onion, garlic, cauliflower with nutritional yeast, ground cashew,1/2 cup water and coconut milk into a smooth puree.
Taste and adjust for salt, spice, chipotle flavor. Adjust sauce consistency if needed. 
The sauce should be easily spreadable and can be refrigerated at this point.

In the baking pan, spread about 1/2 cup marinara sauce.
Then place 3 noodles on top. 
Top the noodles with creamy Chipotle sauce and spread evenly.
Top the sauce with mushrooms, then top with another layer of noodles.
Spread 1/2 cup marinara, then chopped Spinach and shredded Daiya Havarti or Mozzarella to evenly cover the spinach.
Top with a layer of noodles.
Spread 1/2 cup creamy Chipotle sauce, then mushrooms.
Top with a layer of noodles.
Spread 1/2 cup creamy Chipotle Sauce.
Top with Tomato Slices.
Top with shredded cheese.
Then sprinkle the herbed bread crumbs liberally on top of the cheese as the final layer.
Cover the Baking dish tightly with foil.
Bake in preheated 350 degrees F for 50 minutes.
Remove foil and Broil on Lo for 1 minute.
Let the Lasagna rest for 15 minutes before slicing. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Other options for the feast..
Freshly baked soft Dinner rolls. Serve warm with earth balance butter or herbed Olive oil.

Roasted Delicata Squash salad.

Breaded Roasted Brussels Sprouts..GF. Add these to a Salad or to a Stuffing.

This savory Sweet Potato Cornbread.(GF)

I plan to make this Flan (GF) with added Pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice to make it into a Pumpkin Pie flan! Will update the recipe link when I make and post it.

Want more options! Check out Susan's(fatfreevegan) TG Pinterest Board with loads and loads of options from other bloggers too.
Kristy's Amazing round up with Seitan loaf, caulipots and pumpkins and pumpkins
Heather's SMBP round up with perfect savory tarts
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This Lasagna and round up is being shared at Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays, Allergy Friendly Wednesdays, Ricki's Wellness Weekend

Vegan Richa:Chipotle sauce, Mushroom, Spinach Lasagna


  1. I love the look of the lasagne and rolls, with some flan to follow. And brussels sprouts - I can never get enough of those. I really fancy having a little English Thanksgiving just so I can have an excuse to get stuck in...

    1. :) I have to go pick up some coconut milk to make flan and so much work to do.. eeee :)

  2. You know, I've always found lasagna tastes better the next day, sometimes I even prefer it cold! It's like pizza that way :)

    This looks amazing Richa, I'd be happy to have it on my holiday table!

    1. I know right.. It always tastes better the next day!

  3. what a beautiful and delicious lasagna! i love the flavor combinations.

    1. Its similar to my mac and cheese:) try it!:)

  4. Richa, this looks delicious!! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Happy Tg to you and your family too!

  5. Damn! Do you ever have me craving lasagna now. That looks incredible Richa!

    1. Thanks Maggie. it sure was a big hit.

  6. This lasagna looks AHmazing Richa!!! I esp know that my boyfriend would love it. I have my eye on the savory sweet potato corn bread too! ;)

    1. Thanks Heather. That cornbread was loved by hubbs and so was this lasagna. he took some leftovers for lunch too, which he never does for any food:)

  7. Mmmmm I am so craving lasagna afte seeing your pictures - what a great addition to the holiday table!

    1. I am not much into seitan roasts yet, so this worked out very well:)

  8. Wow, this lasagna rocks! I am totally pinning this gorgeous recipe, I need to make it for sure! Hugs, Terra

  9. This is so awesome, and too perfect! Years ago, we were discussing how on my dad's side of the family no one actually likes turkey, so maybe it would be wiser to just get lasagna for Thanksgiving. I loved the idea, but of course it didn't stick... With this recipe in hand though, maybe I can finally make the inaugural Thanksgiving lasagna happen next year!

    1. Thanks Hannah. I got the idea for Vegnews. A delicious and decadent lasagna main:)

  10. ...and another amazing mushroom recipe!! Your blog is certainly becoming a favourite of mine. This recipe is the perfect twist on a meal that everyone already loves. Well done and keep them coming!


    1. Thank you Shannon. Mushrooms just add that umami:)

  11. How do you make the Chipotle sauce? I would love to make this....even thought TG has come and gone....there's always Christmas.

    1. Its on the vegan woman link. I updates the recipe on this post as well. it has cauliflower, cashews and chipotle peppers. I hope you like it!

  12. What an awesome meal! I can't wait to try the chipotle cauliflower sauce!

  13. Richa, we went the traditional route, but this is definitely a beautiful Holiday feast! I love this lasagna!

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  15. I could totally go for a big slice of that right now! Chipotle cauliflower sauce sounds totally genius! And thank you for mentioning my round-up! You are so sweet, Richa! xo


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