Soy-free Tofu Satays with Almond sauce, Samosa Pot Pies, High Protein Vegan Cookbook Review and Giveaway.

Wow, Its December already. I have been out of sorts lately, with the constant rain and the cold weather making me all lazy, wanting to sit by the fireplace, obsessing about finding a house and not finding any, adjusting the requirements every week and still not finding one. The market is quite crazy in Seattle. Most new construction is currently selling at an inflated price and within 3 days of getting listed. Ah well, there is a new larger kitchen waiting for me out there somewhere. 
I need to snap out of the funk and get back to a good schedule, write up the posts with the pictures already taken, bake up a bunch of cookies to send out, catch up on blogs.. so many things to do!

Lets start up this holiday season with a Giveaway! From the author of Triumph of the Lentil – Soyfree Vegan Whole foods, Hilda Jorgensen, comes this new book High Protein Vegan – Hearty Whole food meals, raw desserts and more. 

Most vegan cookbooks end up catching splatters and dust on my kitchen bookshelf, not opened as much as I would want for some or the other reason. I think it is sometimes because they either use too many pre-made processed products, too much fat, too much sugary desserts, or are generally too meaty(most recipes revolve around making meat oriented meals). Though those work out for a lot of people, I did not grow up on a meat based diet, and I dont miss it. Not that I dont enjoy a decadent dessert, burgers and some old dishes veganized once in a while. 
With the way my taste buds are changing, I seem to appreciate more veggies, beans, lentils, less sweet, more complex flavors from the herbs, spices and vegetables. And this book delivers a good portion of all that and more.

The recipes in the book are designed to be high in protein and very filling. Most recipes can make up a complete balanced meal, while some make just the protein portion of the meal and need addition of some carb rich veggies or grains, some of which are suggested.

A lot of the recipes have Few ingredients and are quick to put together. There are several options stews, casseroles, burgers, breads, salads, sides and more and the answer to the age old question of where do we get our protein:)

The book is also very Allergy friendly with recipes marked as
Nightshade-free(no potatoes, tomatoes, chillis, eggplants etc)
Onion, Garlic-free

Use Amazon’s Look inside feature to browse the Table of contents and first few pages of the High Protein Vegan Book.

The first thing that I wanted to try from the book was the Soy-free Tofu. I dont like Tofu in any which way. So a soy free and a more delicious version will find a place in my home anyday.

You can find Hilda’s recipe for the Soy-free Tofu here
I made mine with garfava flour, which congeals much faster than just garbanzo bean(chickpea) flour. 
I made her Tofu Satays(marinate already made Tofu strips and grill) with a Peanut sauce made with almonds. I was out of Peanuts, so I used  ground Almonds, fresh ginger, sesame oil, coconut milk, chickpea miso, agave, salt, turmeric for color, blend, adjust taste, done. These satays were a big hit with hubbs. I loved them too. It is a bit of a taste adjustment, since it is chickpea flour after all, but I love this so much more than the original bland Tofu :) This soyfree tofu would be great in savory meals. As Hilda mentions, this is a quick version of the traditional Burmese Tofu which is always made with chickpea flour. More information and ideas in the book.

I also made Hilda’s Pea and Cauliflower Samosa pot pies. I mean there is Samosa in the name, so I have to make some and eat some. Hilda’s recipe is potato free, but I added some. I dont even have to tell you how difficult it was to not start eating these pot pies while clicking pictures.

There is a whole section of delicious raw desserts in the book.  Like this raw Caramel Slice on Hilda’s blog. Chocolate, caramel made with Dates, and almonds. My kind of dessert.

The book is laid out casually, just like a blog and feels much more accessible probably because of that. The other thing that I love about the book is that almost all of  recipes have a picture with them. I personally think , this book would be a great gift this season to make it easy to ensure we ate our plant based protein everyday.  

Hilda is offering a copy of High Protein Vegan to one of my blog readers!

To Enter, please use the Widget below. The giveaway runs till December 9th. Shipping anywhere in the world:)

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  1. says

    I can’t wait to enter, the rafflecopter widget hasn’t started yet. Totally freaking out over the soyfree tofu, you said the hubbs liked them, but I want to know what you thought?! :) xx

    • says

      it has started now!:) i liked them too. They feel like tofu, but dont taste like it.. which is great for me, since i dont like tofu anyway. but might not work for everyone.

    • says

      Dixya, you can make youe favorite samosa filling and top it with storebought frozen pastry sheets. Make some slits for the steam to escape and bake for the time mentioned for the pastry sheets. Or make a quick pastry dough just like a samosa dough but a bit dryer with wheat flour, olive oil, water, salt and bit of baking powder and roll out to a 1/4 inch thick and place on top, make slits, and bake for 15-20 minutes or until lightly brown.

  2. says

    “Feel like tofu but don’t taste like it” I am sold! I had read about Burmese tofu before but have never tried it. After seeing your photo I am definately going to try it soon. Cheers for another wonderful recipe :)

  3. says

    this book sounds right up my alley! i feel the same way with most cookbooks, richa. since i don’t eat tofu, seitan, or tempeh, or gluten, a lot of those recipes are out. along with the fact i have to modify any recipe to me or dayv’s tastes. i have been meaning to try chickpea tofu for ages, and this post is giving me the kick i need. it looks AMAZING! does it taste overly chickpea flourish- like a besan pancake or socca?

    • says

      It has the chickpea taste is eaten as is, so like with regular tofu, if you use strong flavors with it, it works well. I added the mentioned satay marinade into the batter itself before setting the tofu, and with the strong sesame oil/miso in the sauce, the flavors gelled well to mask the chickpeaness. Hilda suggests keeping the batter overnight to ferment before cooking, which might change the taste. I will try that and let you know.

  4. says

    I’m so intrigued by the garbanzo flour “tofu”- It looks fabulous dressed up as satay with that yummy sauce. The other recipes pictured look delicious too- thanks for the generous giveaway!

  5. says

    Is there anything chickpea flour can’t do? I’m really looking forward to trying this recipe. I’m not necessarily looking for an alternative to tofu since I do like it, but I’ve been missing seitan since I’ve had to leave gluten out of my diet, and I have a feeling that this soy-free tofu will (kind of) become my gluten-free seitan replacement!

  6. says

    Oh, I so want to make chickpea flour “tofu” it sounds great! I’d love to let it ferment a bit, too…

    P.S. Can you manually add me to the giveaway? Rafflecopter messed up on my info before with another giveaway…

    Great post, great giveaway! Thanks so much!


  7. says

    I managed to snag a copy of her first book which I really like and my husband is one of those muscle building vegans so we could use a collection of specifically high protein recipes

    • says

      you will need to use facebook to connect or email login, then click on the first entry, which will open up and show 2 buttons, Enter and cancel. Click “Enter”. repeat for other entries if you wish. If it doesnt work, just leave me comment that you subscribed to the blog, and are a fan on facebook and i will manually add your entries before picking a winner.

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