Mung Bean Sprouts, Seared Carrots, Kale Salad with Chili Lime Sesame Dressing. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe



Lets start this week of Vegan Month of Food(Mofo) with this allergen free Salad! 
A bed of Kale, topped with Mung Bean Sprouts, Seared Carrots and a zesty spicy Chili Lime dressing. Crunch and munch.

We sprout different types of beans every few days, to saute and serve them for breakfast or snack or a side. We usually alternate between green Mung/Moong Beans, Moth Bean/Turkish gram and Black eyed Peas. Its like a bean hash made with sprouted beans, onions, tomatoes and spices. 

I decided to find other ways to add more sprouts to meals too. And so comes in this Salad. The Bean sprouts are lightly cooked, then tossed with Kale or your favorite greens, and topped with Seared carrots and carrot greens and a good load of the Chili Lime Sesame dressing. Toss it well and serve. The pictured salad is not mixed up for photography purposes. The dressing distributed well on the Kale and sprouts tastes much more delicious.

Since hubbs is into wraps these days, he made a wrap with the leftover salad the next day. Added some daiya pepperjack and cilantro. warmed it up to melt the cheese and yum.

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Mung Bean Sprouts Salad with Seared Carrots, kale and Chile Lime Sesame Dressing

Mung Bean Sprouts Salad with Seared Carrots, kale and Chile Lime Sesame Dressing | Vegan Richa

I got a bunch of Liebster awards in the past months and tagged on Instagram as well for some Random facts about me. Thank you everyone for the awards and tags! Here are a few random facts.:)

I love Pomeranians. Those fluff balls melt my heart into a cuddly cooing puddle.
I dislike my teeth. not because of how they look but because of how much pain and trouble they have been giving me since decades. I think I probably have had multiple fillings in each one of them by now. Whatever I do according to modern dentistry practices (brushing, flossing, flouride mouthwashes) doesnt seem to work, even when I do it religiously. So I am thinking of switching everything up to old school grandma style tooth powders.
One of the reasons why I am not fond of salads or fruits is the teeth problem. They are super sensitive to cold, so a cold salad or cold fruit always gives me shooting pain in one tooth or the other. I used to love eating fruits back home in India though, because fruits at room temperature meant they were warm. (Tropical climate:))
I have a Masters in Computer Science, and used to be a Software Developer.
I dont connect with people easily. It takes me a really long time to make friends. Then over time I lose them because either I dont make an effort to stay connected, or expectations come in between by being too close to them. In Seattle, my closest friend is hubbs. Other close friends have moved to different cities. In the past few years, my disabilities make it difficult to spend time with new friends to create special bonds. I miss having close girl friends.
I do not like to hug or shake hands with Indian men, unless they are in my friend circle or I know them well enough in some capacity, or they send the right message through their mannerisms or behavior. Indian women will know what I mean that I have had one too many creepy experiences.
I do not like sharing much about myself because I think it is usually about what I don’t like rather than what I do. :)
I like feel good bollywood(hindi) movies. Most of the hindi movies are like that, sweet, romantic stories where everything always works out in the end.
I also love melodious hindi songs, a lot of A R Rahman’s creations in my playlists. 
I used to love to dance and travel and hope I can get to do all that some day again.
My comfort food is any Dal, dry veggie Subzi, and Roti flat breads.(home made Indian food)
Among other cuisines, It really depends on the mood. There are very few burgers that have me wanting them again and again. I think the mood applies to everything though. I do not have a strong liking for anything in a particular. I do however have strong dislikes for Okra and Bitter gourd (Karela).
I am a city gal. I love activity around.
What wakes me up in the morning to a happy day is Hubbs and his amazing support and positive attitude towards things.
Among some random dreams, I have dreamt of being a dancer, or an actress, or live on a large farm with loads of rescued and happy animals and happy and compassionate people around.


All the Ingredients ready.

Cook the Mung bean sprouts in a little oil, covered until slightly less crunchy.

Sear the carrots on high heat in a little oil until the edges are slightly charred.

Massage the Kale or blanch it.

Top with Mung bean sprouts. 

Add seared carrots and a good load of chili lime dressing. toss and serve.

Mung Bean Sprouts, Seared Carrots, Kale Salad and Chili Lime Sesame dressing
Allergen Information: Free of Dairy, egg, corn, soy, gluten, grain, yeast, nut

Serves 2
Chili Lime Sesame Dressing:
1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 Tablespoon Maple syrup, more for sweeter
2 teaspoons sesame oil
2 teaspoons lime juice
1 teaspoon chili flakes
a generous dash of cayenne pepper or red chili powder
1 garlic clove minced
1 teaspoon minced ginger
salt + pepper
a generous dash of lime zest

Kale, destemmed, chopped
1.5 cups Mung bean sprouts
Sliced Carrots
Chili Lime Sesame dressing to taste
Sesame seeds for garnish

Mix everything under dressing.Taste and adjust salt, sweet and spice. Let sit for 15 minutes if possible or so for the flavors to all gel together.

To Sprout Mung Beans at home:
Wash and soak the dry Mung Beans for 4-6 hours. Drain, rinse and keep the bowl covered by damp towel. Rinse every 6-8 hours until preferred sprout length. The pictured sprouts are 2 day old.

Cook the Mung bean sprouts. In a large pan, add a teaspoon of oil and heat on medium. Add the sprouts when the oil is hot, and mix well. Season with a little salt and pepper, cover and cook on medium heat for 3-4 minutes. 
Or you can serve the sprouts raw. 

Massage the Kale in a little olive oil for a few minutes.
Or blanch for 2 minutes in hot water. I usually blanch mine. Or use other greens of choice.

Sear the sliced carrots: 
In a large pan, add 2 teaspoons of oil and heat on high. Add sliced carrots when hot. Cook until some edges are browned. I also cooked up some of the carrot greens with the carrots to serve in the salad. 

In a bowl, add Kale, Sprouts, seared carrots(and optional carrot greens).
Add the dressing and toss well. 
Top with sesame seeds or crushed peanuts.

This Salad is being shared at Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays. Allergy Free Wednesdays, Rickis wellness weekend

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  1. says

    This looks so tasty Richa. I bet that dressing is delicious. I should really start sprouting on a regular basis…
    I liked learning a bit about you, even if you’re reluctant to share! I have a very fluffy dog too so am also a fan of pomeranians :)

  2. says

    this is a beautiful salad, richa!

    i loved all of your little facts. i wish you’d share more! i consider you my girlfriend and if you ever need to unload or talk, i’m here for you, lady!

    and about teeth problems- several years ago, i switched my toothpaste to fluoride free, and my dentist always raves about how perfect my teeth are. when we got married, dayv had a pretty bad gum infection from years of not going to the dentist. but after a couple of cleanings (he was told he’d need several more), the gum disease went away. i attribute it to him no longer using fluoride toothpaste. also, i floss every single day. those are my pointers…and unsolicited advice. maybe it can help?

    love you, lady <3

    • says

      Awesome! Just wait till I start bugging you :)

      that is interesting. Coz the dentists keep pushing more and more flouride towards me to use. Toothpastes, mouthwashes and so on. Even with twice a day brushing,somewhat regular flossing and mouthwashing in the past few years, there is little that has xhanged. I did start using a tooth powder in the past few months and maybe that will help. we will know in my next dentist visit.

  3. says

    I love mung beans in all forms, but I’ve never managed to sprout them successfully! Have you got a foolproof method for a sprouting dunce?!

    • says

      Mine always sprout:) Just soak them in warm water overnight. Soak in like double the water. Then drain and rinse well and put in any box, cover lightly with a damp towel. Rinse the beans every 6-8 hours. If the ambient temp is too cold, it might take 2 days to sprout. You can keep them in the oven with the light on for extra warmth.

  4. says

    I never imagined that a dish of mung beans and kale could ever be dressed up to look either elegant or beautiful, and yet your photos manage both with ease. I love it both on the white and black settings, but I think that the high-contrast of the black table really draws me in most. Stunning use of light and color- I want to make the recipe right now!

  5. says

    I have made several attempts at growing mung sprouts. I guess you could say I was too successful. I ended up with tons and tons of sprouts. Which would have been perfect for this salad, so I am growing them again!

  6. says

    What a refreshing and beautiful dish! I love mung bean sprouts, especially in a spicy dressing and these seared carrots = GORGEOUS. The spicier, the better! I saw a baby Pomeranian last week, but the head was all shaved off (I wish I can take a photo for you…), it was so cute! I am also sensitive to cold things, and I even have a broken wisdom tooth ;( ALRIGHT, we are both in the technical group – go developers! Can we watch Bollywood movies together?! I <3 them! Thanks for sharing these random facts about yourself!

  7. says

    Thank u for providing such a helpful SALAD recipe.
    I tried it and i’s taste was really awesome.
    I just wanted to know that for how much longer duration this SALAD can be preserved?


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