Vegan Gluten free Sugar Cookies – Chocolate dipped. Gumfree recipe

These Sugar cookies! small crunchy delicious, without any gluten or gum or soy or palm oil. 

Last week was quite cloudy and dreary and my motivation was slipping. I was wondering about what to do in the new year and was coming up empty. so I was trying to vegan-ize a few more Indian sweets to keep the brain cells going.

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I was working with coconut flour last week on some other Indian sweets recipes for next year’s festivals(there are so many different desserts from different parts of India!). The flour was sitting out on the counter, and I had a feeling that it would work beautifully in gluten-free treats. And it did work amazingly to reduce the quantity and hence the stronger taste of brown rice flour. 
These sugar cookies are crunchy, crumbly, sweet, flavored with vanilla and coated up in chocolate. Use your favorite frosting, add sprinkles to the dough, make fun shapes!

I took a few to the Bake sale at Vegan Haven in Seattle, along with some Jar gifts and some Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies. If you picked up any of my goodies from the sale, do drop me a line:)

Vegan Gluten free Sugar Cookies!

pretty, small coins. 

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Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! What treats are you baking up this week.

Whisk all the dry ingredients. Mix the wet well to combine. Add to dry and knead into a stiff dough. This dough can be refrigerated for 2 days. It probably can also be frozen. 

Pat the dough down and cut cookies in desired shapes. Gather remaining dough and pat it down again to cut up cookies or shape some into balls and flatten them.
Those flecks are flax seed meal. use golden flaxmeal for more even looking cookies. 

Chill the shaped cookies for 15 minutes in the refrigerator or 10 minutes in the freezer. 

Bake at pre-heated 375 degrees F for 12-13 minutes. Cool completely then frost or dip in melted chocolate. 

Gluten-free Sugar Cookies
Allergen Information: Free of Dairy, egg, soy, yeast, gluten. Can be made nut-free, corn-free.
Makes 34 small 1 inch cookies, probably 16-18 medium sized.

1/4 cup brown rice flour

1/4 cup white rice flour
1/4 cup cornstarch (or use other starch like arrowroot)
1/4 cup coconut flour (or use cashew flour or oat flour)
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup ground raw sugar or any other finely ground sweetner

1/4 cup oil (I used organic canola)
3 Tbsp almond milk or other non dairy milk
1 Tbsp flaxmeal
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
In a bowl, add all the dry ingredients and mix well. In another bowl, mix the flaxmeal with non dairy milk and let sit for 2 minutes. Add in the vanilla and oil and whisk to combine. Add to dry and mix. Knead well for 2-4 minutes to form a smooth dough. Spray water on the dough if it does not come together easily(not more than 2-4 sprays). Pat the dough down and use cookie cutters to cut desired shapes. I only have rounds :). I used 1 inch round cutter as it looked cute, and got about 34 cookies. Gather remaining dough, pat down and cut more cookies or shape into balls and flatten. Place the cookies on parchment lined baking sheet, cover with another parchment and refrigerate for 15-30 minutes(or 10 minutes in the freezer). Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Bake for 13-14 minutes(a few minutes longer for larger cookies) until the edges just about start to get golden. Move the cookies around from outside to inside at the 11 minute mark and bake for 2-5 minutes more depending on the cookie size. Let cool completely. Serve as is or dip in melted chocolate or top with favorite frosting.
Notes: Add mini chocolate chips or sprinkles to the dough. Use ground raw cashews instead of coconut flour. Do not over bake as the cookies can get quite crunchy. The dough can be stored in the refrigerator for upto 3 days.  

These cookies are being shared at ricki’s wellness weekend.

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  1. says

    I like the cookies, however if you add pili nuts to them, they will become more tastier and healthier. Philippine pili nuts from the Bicol region in the Philippines is a great Filipino or Pinoy food or snack. Pili nuts are very healthy and nutritious indeed, being a source of energy, potassium and iron. They also have protein, dietary fiber / fibre, and calcium as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

  2. says

    These look so wonderful Richa. I’m always on the lookout for more vegan recipes that use coconut flour. I use it in my raw brownies but that’s pretty much it.
    Going on the must-make list once I’m back on the sweet stuff 😀

    • says

      I just started baking with coconut flour and am loving it. It gives everything a great texture and also isnt as strong tasting as coconut flakes.

  3. Anonymous says

    These were awesome! I didnt make them thick enough so they were a bit crunchy, but still super yummy!

      • Mae says

        This may be a silly question, but is there any special trick or technique to dipping them in chocolate? Is it just straight up melted chocolate, or do you add anything like milk to the melted chocolate? Any advice on how to then make the chocolate layer look pretty, and not all globby? Thanks Richa!

        • says

          it depends on the chocolate brand. you can use a little coconut oil or vegan butter with the chocolate and whisk over double boiler until the chocolate is shiny. its about whisking and whisking to make it smooth.

          • Mae says

            Thanks for the tips! I plan on making these for Christmas. I’ll let you know how they come out!


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