Soy-free Broccolini White Bean Frittata. Glutenfree Vegan Recipe

After sweet gf pancakes, today, I am bringing a delicious savory Frittata. No Soy, no tofu, just beans, broccolini, spices and herbs. Serve it warm with a generous drizzle of Sriracha or a creamy cool ranch or both. Or Slice up and make Sammishes.

It makes a great breakfast or even a meal. There is Broccolini, carrots and Sun dried tomato in it. Add more or less veggies to preference. The White beans are spiced up with Thyme and lemon and mashed. The beans add a feta-ish taste as well as work to hold the frittata and reduce the chickpea taste. The base is chickpea flour batter. Mix it all up, and bake and done. 

Serve this Frittata warm with Sriracha/ketchup, with favorite gravy or dressings or in a sandwich. Use a cookie cutter to cut up round patties for a burger :) 

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Sarah has been busy with her second cute vegan baby and I am helping her out with this guest post :) She has an amazing collection of raw recipes. Do stop by to say hi.

This Frittata stays well refrigerated as well. Change up the spices of flavors for variations. 

**** For the Recipe, please visit Sarah’s blog here ****. or see below.


Chop up the veggies, mix the white beans with the spices and tang. Mix up the dry ingredients for the batter.

Make the chickpea flour batter. Fold in the beans and veggies. Drop the batter in a greased pan. 

Bake until the center is jiggly. Serve warm or cold. 

Soy-free Broccolini White Bean Chickpea Frittata
Allergen Information: Free of Dairy, egg, soy, nut, gluten, grain. Can be made corn-free, oil-free.

Makes 1 9 inch Frittata

1 loaded cup of chopped Broccolini/Broccoli (1/4 to 1/2 inch size chopped) or use chopped greens
1/4 cup chopped carrots
2 Tbsp chopped sun dried tomato
1 Tbsp chopped pickled jalapeno
Other veggies or greens, chopped

White Bean Feta:

1 15 oz can great northern beans ( or scant 1.5 cups cooked)
1.5 tsp dried thyme ( use less if you are not a fan of thyme)
1/4 tsp each of garlic powder, onion powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
a very generous dash of black pepper

Chickpea batter:

3/4 cup chickpea flour
1 Tbsp cornstarch or potato starch
1 Tbsp coconut flour (or chickpea flour)
1 Tbsp flaxmeal
1 Tbsp nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp salt or to taste
1/2 tsp each of chipotle pepper powder, mustard powder, garlic powder, oregano
1/2 tsp baking powder
3/4 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup water
2 tsp oil (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Add all the ingredients under Bean feta in a bowl. Mix and mash the beans a bit.(mash atleast half the beans) and let sit till you prep.
Chop up the veggies and keep ready.
In a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients of the chickpea batter (all ingredients till baking powder). Whisk well to combine. Add the coconut milk, oil and water and mix to combine.
Add the chopped veggies, and white beans to the batter. fold in.
Drop batter onto greased pie pan. Even it out. Top with tomato slices (optional). 
Bake for 40 to 50 minutes or until the center is not jiggly and the edges lightly brown.
Serve warm with Sriracha/ketchup, with favorite gravy or dressings or in a sandwich. 

This Frittata is being shared at Allergy Free Wednesdays

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  1. says

    This looks delicious! I always love your pies and pizzas; perhaps I will try this for breakfast this weekend. Thanks for the great recipes, as usual. :)

  2. says

    I made this tonight! Excellent! It cooked up faster than 50 mins. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I used frozen spinach for the greens.

    • says

      You can use any similar beans to replace them any beans that cook to be soft and can be easily mashed. like black eyed peas (lobhia) white kidney beans ( white rajma), you can also use well cooked chickpeas/chana or cooked but not mushy chana dal.

  3. Caitlin says

    This looks fab! Do you think this is something I could make at the beginning of the week and take for lunch daily? Just reheat? Or will it just become a mess as the week goes on?


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