Indian Sweets Round up! Vegan, some gluten free options

Wishing everyone a very happy and beautiful festive season. This whole month is about celebration…
Some or all festivals celebrated in a variety of ways in different parts of the country. The things that are common are Pooja( religious worship rituals performed in different ways to get god’s blessings), making sweets and snacks, visiting family and friends and exchanging gifts and sweets.

Here are some already vegan or veganized sweets that have featured on my blog!
Jalebi: pretzels in flavored sugar syrup.

Gulab Jamun- Doughnut balls in flavored sugar syrup.(Recipe posted!

Strawberry Beet Oats Semolina Laddoo (Sweet balls)

Besan Laddoo. Sweet chickpea flour balls with cashews and raisins.gluten free option

A good number of sweets made during the festivities are milk based depending on the region. There are quite a few already vegan sweets like Petha, Imarti, Kaju/almond Katli, all dry fruit/nut mithais, Jaggery sweets. There are fusion vegan versions too these days. Check some more options out at Harini’s Tonglue Ticklers here
Have a fantastic festive season, and please do try some dairy free sweets!! All that ghee(clarified butter) and khoya(thick milk solids) is not good for your health or the cows!
Do drop by in October to see some of my Mom’s wonderful creations on the blog!! :)
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    What a delicious round up! I appreciate the vegan recipes, because I have several friends who are allergic to eggs and milk and it is dificult to find dessert recipe without eggs and milk. Thanks for sharing your round up with the Hearth and Soul Hop

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    Wow nice collection of recipes…
    Thank you…
    I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. Keep sharing.
    Interesting read! Thank you for informative post!


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