Holiday Round up! Sweet. and Rescue spotlight!

Pictured above.
Butter free melt in your mouth Cashew Fudge – GF
Coconut Almonds Rum Balls – GF
Glutenfree Oatmeal Puffed rice Chocolate Chip cookies – GF
Cranberry Blueberry Upside Down cake

Someone’s been busy baking, cooking, feeding hubbs, visiting, baking for bakesales and giving out cookies to everyone around, and getting sweet compliments from hubbs like, why dont the soup shops or office cafe ever serve spinach soups.. its so simple and absolutely delicious..:).. my response.. babe, coz its my recipe, which they do not have!
Also, lessons learnt from this season.. be prepared.. I am so unprepared with my gifting and gift packing supplies all out,. gaah.. hopefully i will plan much better next year.
Heres a round up of some sweet Christmasy ideas.. to give my eyes a break for a day or 2…

Pictured above
Pistachio Almond Thumbprints.. these would make great shortbreads too
Flan, Creme Caramel Custard – GF
Ginger Bread spice Chocolate Nut butter Truffles – GF
Christmas Stollen Wreath, Fruit cakey Bread
On another fun note, hubbs picked up some habanero coz they look so sweet.. and proceeded to make some hummus since I couldnt be disturbed while baking.. He grilled one, put it in half a can of garbanzo beans with some garlic, sesame seeds, olive oil and salt.., spread the hummus over garlic multigrain slice, proceeded to eat 2 bites non stop.. broke out in a sweat.. ! and then ate 4 of my cranberry orange cookies with a bottle of gatorade!.. thanks god for some sweet cookies always lying around..:D
This roundup is heading to Hearth and soul blog hop, and Ricki’s Wellness weekend

Santa Chewie Says a big hello! He is collecting supplies in the building for the Seattle Animal Shelter.. We put up his santa pictures everywhere, since everyone in the building knows him! We are known to most as Chewie’s parents/owners.. who can blame him.. fluffballs of cuteness, who wag bushy tails for everyone for a smile and kisses, always are famous! And Mr Fluffster himself has been adopted from a rescue!
Please Do Not Buy a puppy, Adopt one and give it a forever home this season!

Also check out VSPCA Visahka Society for Protection and Care of Animals at Visakhapatman, India, for their amazing work! A shelter spotlight article in conversation with Eileen Weintraub here. Over the years, the VSPCA has amassed a long list of Achievements for animals of all kinds.

For example, they have ended poaching of dolphins in the region and significantly reduced wildlife trafficking of many species through their area.They are currently working with key players to protect sea turtles and migratory birds, among other wild creatures indigenous to the area.
The VSPCA has engaged in and won many legal battles on behalf of animals. They have successfully brought convictions against slaughterhouses, circuses, and other groups. They brought humane spay/neuter dog population methods to Visakhapatnam and successfully outlawed dog poisonings. They won the battle to outlaw colored plastic bags illegal, which are harmful to wildlife.
Their animal shelter welcomes all species and houses over a thousand animals: birds, horses, cattle, goats, monkeys, turtles, and yes, dogs and cats. It’s won awards as a model shelter and even an eco-friendly shelter.
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  1. says

    Omg, the desserts look amazing!! The best time of year for desserts seems to be Christmas :)

    Santa Chewie is adorable!! And thank you for putting the spotlight on adoption- I totally agree! Rescue pets all the way!

    Merry Christmas <3

  2. says

    Thank you Shannon, Cara!
    A puppy coming your way Cara:)

    Thanks Poornima! Merry Christmas to u too!

    Thank you Char and Helene.. Merry Christmas to u and your family!

  3. says

    Dearest Richa,
    I love all your food. Still haven’t made the rum balls but are going to for new years! May you and your family have a beautiful holiday season. Take care of yourself & thank you for all you do for animals. It’s a pleasure knowing you & being blogging friends! Love Savannah xox

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