Uttapam – Lentil and Rice Pancake with veggies. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe

Lets call this a fusion Pizza week, shall we. After a crazy Black eyed Pea, Mint, chocolate Crust creation this Sunday, this post is about a stovetop thick Pancake which can sub as an Indian Pizza.
We make variations of the Uttapam pancake often. It’s a quick meal to put together if you have some Dosa batter ready. Throw in some veggies and serve with a side of chutney.

Uttapam is a thick pancake, made with Dosa batter. Some finely chopped or grated veggies are either added to the batter or loaded on top the batter when the pancake is cooking.
It is easier to make than a Dosa crepe, since it doesnt require any circling motion to spread the batter. Just ladle a third or half cup of batter onto a hot pan and you are good to go.
Here are a few versions. The usual Dosa batter which needs Black gram(Urad Daal), fenugreek seeds(Methi) and Rice to be soaked overnight. Also, simple version using Oats, fenugreek seeds and Rice flour. If you like Dosas, then give these a try.

Shallot, Carrot, Cilantro Multi lentil Uttapam
The one below is using a multi lentil Dosa batter. Some split peas and red lentils are soaked along with the Black gram, fenugreek seeds and brown and white rice. Soak overnight. Blend to a thin batter, with salt, ginger and 1 green chili. For detailed steps on how to make the batter see Dosa batter recipe post.
Mix finely chopped shallots, carrot, and cilantro in the batter. Pour a ladle full on a hot, non stick girdle on medium high heat. Cook for 2-3 minutes and flip and cook for another minute.

Oat Uttapam:
This one below is a plain uttapam with Oats and rice flour.
Grind 1 cup of Oats with a 1 Teaspoon fenugreek seeds into a fine flour. Mix with 1 cup rice flour(brown or white). Whisk in about a cup of water to make a flowy batter. Let the batter ferment overnight or 6 hours. Add salt, and water if needed, to get a thin pancake batter consistency. Proceed to make Uttapam with out without added veggies(Step pictures below). More Oats and rice flour options here. The picture below is a plain Uttapam.

Quick Oat Uttapam:
Mix the Oat, fenugreek, rice flour mixture with warm water and 1/2 teaspoon active yeast. Let rest and ferment for half an hour. Add salt to the batter( and veggies if using) and proceed to make Uttapam pancakes.

Spinach Tomato chili Uttapam: Step by step pictures
This one below is made using Dosa batter . It has a cup of spinach blended in just before making the pancakes. You can use the below method with any of the above Uttapam batter options.

1. Keep the batter ready at room temperature and veggies chopped.
Heat a girdle on medium high heat. Add 2-3 drops of oil and spread the oil around with a cut onion or potato.
Ladle a 1/3 to 1/2 cup batter onto a hot non stick pan on medium high heat.

2. Add a few drops of oil on the edges.

3. After a minute, Load with greens of choice. I used Spinach since we have a good crop from our 4 small plants in the balcony.

4. Add Tomatoes (or finely chopped onions, bell peppers or other veggies)

5. Add chili flakes and cilantro( other seasoning). Cover it with a lid at this point, to help the veggies cook quicker. Cook for 2-3 minutes or until the center is dry. Almost done in the picture below.

6. Hot! Ready to serve. Serve with Coconut chutney, other chutneys, or Podi(dry chutney powder) of choice, Masala Potatoes, Sambhar(pigeon Pea daal), ketchup, Sriracha, or anything:)

These Uttapams make for a great breakfast, snack or even a meal. They are free of all common allergens and the toppings and additions can be adjusted to preference. The plain Dosa batter also freezes well. You can freeze it in small containers thaw, refrigerate and use within 2 days.

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      Once you get a hang of the tastes you like, this batter can be used for so many things.. crepes, pancakes and loaded in so many ways!

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    Richa- love these! I especially love all the variations- you know how to break it down and make recipes easy for people. Thank you for that! :-)

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