Fat-free Kale Chips with garam masala and WIAW #1. vegan glutenfree recipe

What can make Kale Chips even more guilt free. No Oil! 😉
I do make with oil kale chips, whenever we pick up a bunch of Kale. With a variety of spices, cajun, garam masala, chipotle peppers and the lot, they make for a fun snack. And this Kale is the first batch from our urban garden patch!

Pictured below are rubbed with a little oil and made on stove top. with some cajun spice.

Fat free kale chips

Without oil, they are crunchy, but the spices dont stick as well. The oil free ones do well when served with a side like Vegan ranch, hummus, nut butters or any other dressing/sauce of choice. I made these on stove top. you need a large pan and it probably takes more than 1 batch to get a bowl full of chips, but if you are going to be in the kitchen cooking something else, these come about easily.

To bake, bake on lower heat about 250 F, 7-10 minutes.

Pictured, no oil kale chips

You can also make these with other sturdy greens like chard. How do you like your Kale chips!

Place on hot pan at medium-low heat.

The Kale will start to crisp and crinkle after 2-3 minutes.

Flip as many as you can and move them around on the pan, let them cook for another 3-4 minutes until crunchy.

I am planning to use some of the chips in a masala papad salad. Masala papad, the dish has a crisp Papad/papadum(Large spiced Indian lentil chip) topped with tomatoes, onions and chaat masala. Some Oil free crisp chips tossed with the chaat masala and onions, tomatoes! will put up a picture later.

Kale Chips with Garam masala
Fat-free, Vegan, Gluten-free
Stove top method. 7-8 minutes.

Kale leaves broken in large bite size with hard stems removed.
salt to taste
garam masala to taste

Heat a large pan on medium-low heat.
When hot, place the Kale leaves on the pan.
Let them cook, uncovered, for 2-3 minutes.
Flip as many as you can and move the center chips out and the outer chips to the center.
Cook for another 3-4 minutes or until crunchy.

For with oil, on stove top
Use a few teaspoons of evoo or oil of choice and rub it into the leaves.
Place on the hot pan.
Flip after 3 minutes and cook until crunchy.

Sprinkle the chips with salt and garam masala or other toppings of choice. serve.

My current black background set up. My camera is set up right across the black blocker. Sometimes I use small white reflectors on the right. I am picking up photography without a book. I think I need to invest in one. What I need a good reference for composition, light play, pictures in moodier light. Food photogs, Please leave me some suggestions! I am thinking of picking up Plate to Pixel(finally) after reading the reviews.

And an edition of What I ate Wednesday, actually tuesday.

Ginger snap Pancakes: Half Bob’s Red Mill 7 grain pancake mix, half almond flour. Ginger, clove, nutmeg powders, molasses and coconut milk. mmm

Add some candided ginger if you have some.

Lunch. Pasta-
Roasted tomato chipotle cauliflower cream sauce with shells. Recipe same as but extra spicy roasted tomato chipotle mac n cheese.

Chivda – Savory rice krispies with cashews, almond slivers, sesame seeds and cranberries.

Pretzel – Salted chocolate Pretzel– this is the wheat flour version.

Oil free Almond Barley Millet Chocolate chip cookie. its similar to the Millet almond cookie without any oil and more ground almond.

Dinner: Achari bhindi, Kachumbar Quinoa salad, a bowl of split pea daal with cauliflower and bell peppers. Dal not pictured.

Cooked Rainbow Quinoa tossed with Kachumbar salad- chopped red onion, tomato, cucumber, lotsa cilantro, salt, chili powder and lime juice.

Thank you, to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for hosting. Find more on how to participate on her blog.

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  1. says

    hooray for oil-free kale chips! i can’t wait to try these out! i’ve actually never tried kale chips because all the recipes for the call for oil :/

    and i loved your wiaw portion. it’s so interesting to see what others eat.

    • says

      i made the oil ones on the stove top a few times and thought it should work without too. and it did:) made a bunch since then. let me know how they turn out.:)

  2. says

    I’ve never seen more elegant, lovely kale chips. Those things are ugly enough in real life (albeit delicious, of course) and even harder to photograph. Excellent use of light to really bring out that crispy texture!

  3. says

    I will have to try these! I’ve been making a lot of “cheezy” kale chips with soaked cashews, bell pepper, nooch, a little water and sea salt. The flavor is spectacular, but I can’t get the right temperature in the oven, nor get them to be evenly baked.

    Those are some delicious eats for WIAW, err. . .Tuesday. 😉

  4. says

    So cool! While I love kale chips, they always use high fat ingredients, so this lighter version is amazing! I can’t wait to try it.

    I also really enjoyed your WIAW- you eat so well! I want to come over for the day and have you feed me :)

  5. says

    I made kale chips once after watching Jaques Pepin’s show on t.v. A fun way to enjoy them is by adding them in a pita bread with some roasted veggies, hummus etc. It brings in the crunch factor.

  6. says

    I loveeee kale chips! They’re so delicious and healthy too! I love the spice mixture you used on them! And what a fabulous day of eats! first the pancakes – swoon:) and then your dinner looked incredible! Have an awesome night!

  7. says

    I gotta try making kale chips using the stove top technique, I haven’t had any luck with perfectly baking them. Btw, you don’t need tips from food photogs, your photos always look spectacular!

    • says

      you are too sweet RG:) try the stove top. i think its easier when you can see how much longer they need the heat rather than in the oven. let me know how it works out!

  8. says

    I love that these kale chips are oil-free! And I have another excuse to use the garam masala that you sent me! Yay!

    We just got Plate to Pixel (it literally came in the mail yesterday) and Chris is hogging it. 😉 He says it is wonderful, though. I can’t wait to to get a chance to spend some time with it- it looks very informative.

    • says

      darn, i thought by now you would be so addicted to garam masala, that you would be sprinkling it on everything including dessert 😉
      I just reserved a copy in the library. better to check it out before buying it. i hardly ever finish a book.:)

  9. says

    I love the idea of not adding oil….a extremely healthy treat sounds perfect to me! I finally made kale chips not too long ago, and I really enjoyed them:-) I haven’t worked with gram masala much, but love the smell of the spice, it does sound like a perfect compliment to the kale chips:-) Hugs, Terra

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