Zesty Coconut Macaroons with Cranberries and Pistachios for Kristy’s Cookie Party. Glutenfree Vegan Recipe


Its that time of the year again! Cookies, carols, lights and cheer everywhere and hubbs off from work keeping me super busy:). And I managed to whip up these simple cookies for Kristy’s Cookie Swap Party. 

Kristy whips up delicious fare at Keepin It Kind. She whips up a whole lot of delicious comfort food from Tacos, Sandwiches, Salads, Pizzas, casseroles, Amazing breakfasts and so much more. If you missed her most incredible creation for the Vegan chopped challenge, you can find the Sweet and Salty Ice cream layer cake with Balsamic Beet Sorbet, Mango Lassi Ice Cream, Salted Maple Caramel Crunch, Coconut Pound Cake layers here.  This cake, this cake! gives you an insight into what else you can find on Kristy’s blog and how good vegan food can be! 
Kristy is hosting an amazing Cookie Swap party all December! Lots of bloggers, lots of cookies, tons of holiday baking options. Thank you for having me over Kristy:).

Christmas used to be a smaller affair in India while growing up. The main celebrations were Diwali and other festivals during October/November. We had friends and neighbors who celebrated Christmas and always shared their goodies. After a load of sugar Indian sweets, December used to be about cookies, fruit cakes, short breads, Jam thumbprints and Macaroons. I didnt know of any other fancy holiday cookies till I started baking my own and looking around at the fun sugar high:) Can you imagine not knowing about gingerbread folk for about 20 years!

Mix in all wet ingredeints.

Add dry, mix and Chill.

Scooped and ready to bake.

Coconut macaroons scream festive already. These macaroons have some dried cranberries and pistachios, my favorite combination, to take them to a whole new level. Easy, delicious and perfect right out of the oven.

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Happy holidays to everyone!

**Get the recipe on Kristy’s blog here!!** or below 

Zesty Coconut Macaroons with Cranberries and Pistachios Recipe
Allergy Information: Gluten, Soy, Corn, Yeast, Dairy, Egg free. Can be made Nut Free
Makes 16 macaroons with 1 Tablespoon scoop
2 Tablespoons agave syrup
2 Tablespoons orange marmalade (or orange zest and 2 Tablespoons agave/maple)
2 Tablespoons ground raw sugar (or sweetener of choice)
2 Tablespoons coconut milk
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
1/8 teaspoon ginger powder(optional)
1 cup dried coconut flakes
1/4 cup brown rice flour ( or other flour of choice. I usually use spelt if not making gf)
3/4 teaspoon baking powder(optional)
1/4 cup each or more of cranberries and chopped pistachios

In a bowl, mix all the wet ingredients.
Add in the dry and mix well.
Chill dough for 15 minutes.
(If the dough is very wet and squishy after chilling, add a bit more dry ingredients -coconut flakes and flour to make it into a slightly stiff but not dry dough)
Using a scoop or Tablespoon measure, scoop out the mixture. Scoop it out so it gets tightly packed. Or press with your fingers before placing on parchment.
Invert the scoop and tap to place on parchment.
Dip the scoop in water before every scoop for less mess. or grease with oil after every 2-3 scoops.
Bake at preheated 350 degrees F for 14-16 minutes depending on the size of the scoop until slightly golden.
They burn very easily, so keep an eye after 14 minutes. Turn the sheet around at 14 minutes.
Cool for 5 minutes, devour.



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  1. says

    I made these, and they taste fab but they spread all over the baking sheet, and became gummy quickly. It seems to me like there should be more rice flour, or more coconut. Any thoughts?

    • says

      Thank you for the feedback Jeanne. Could be that the dry ingredients did not absorb most of the wet. I m not sure. Mine have never spread. I will add a note with the recipe to add more dry(coconut flakes or flour) to get a dough which is stiff and not easily squished.
      I used dark organic agave and a locally made marmalade, which were both very thick. Also, try using oil to grease the scoop and tightly pack it. Hope it works out the next time :)


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