Sweet and Savory Round up for Holi festival. Vegan Glutenfree options

Thandai – Almond Milk spiced with poppy seed, pepper, saffron.

Happy Holi all! Holi is on March 27th this year. While growing up in India in a joint family(with all cousins in the same house), Holi was a big fun event, with all the kids unrecognizable, smeared in innumerable colors by the end of the day. A nightmare for mom who had to scrub off those colors off the kids and the house verandah(open gallery) and garden for the next few days. The day after holi, the school monitors would check if everyone scrubbed off properly, especially the ears, as they were so difficult to clean. All of us had different colored ears. Those were the days. 
Here’s to the happiness in small things and being a kid again. 

A couple of captures from this years on-going celebration in India.

As with every festival, there are Sweet and savory options which are typical to Holi, A few Vegan versions  on this post to celebrate the festival.

Gulab Jamun – Fudgy balls soaked in saffron cardamom syrup. Glutenfree option. 

Sooji Halwa/Sheera/Semolina Crumble with Cashews and Cranberries.

Kheer – vermicelli in almond milk. – via VegRecipesOfIndia

Kesar Burfi/Barfi. Almond Semolina Saffron fudge

Lots more **Sweet options here** Jalebi, Laddoo, Barfis.

Most festivals also have savory food associated with them. 
And they are usually all fried:)

Kanda Bhajia – Onion Fritters

Stuffed Bread Pakora – Samosa French Toast.

Tikki– Potato Chickpea spicy cutlets.

Matar Kachori – Spicy Pea stuffed fried dumplings. – via VegRecipesOfIndia

matar kachori: khasta matar kachori recipe

Dhokla – Steamed savory chickpea cakes.

Aloo Kachori – Potato puffs – via Maayeka

Roasted Garam Masala Chickpeas

More **Savory snacks here**.

Happy Holi Everyone. Stay safe.

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