Diwali Festival Sweet and Savory Recipes round up. vegan

Pictured above- Coconut Laddoo. Pink coconut balls made with fresh shredded coconut and colored with beet.

Happy Dhanteras all! Diwali is just a few days away. Heres a short round up of sweets and savories that can be whipped up and kept ready. all vegan(dairyfree, eggless), soyfree, most glutenfree. Lets start with the Sweets.

Pictured below – Kaju Katli – Cashew fudge 

Along with the celebration and prayers for Children (Ahoi ashtami) and the main festival celebrating victory of Good over Evil, there are other celebration days throughout the 20 days. Like Karwachauth – celebrating the bond of marriage, where depending on the region, women usually fast for the safety and longevity of their relationship and partners. Dhanteras- Celebration and thankfulness for prosperity and well being, Bhai Dooj- celebration the sibling bond, especially prayers from the sisters for the well being of the brothers.

Apple Jalebis with Rabri – Apple fritters soaked in Saffron flavored syrup, served with cardamom flavored cashew cream.

Pictured below. Sooji Halwa/Sheera. Semolina crumble with cashews and dried cranberries.

Some of the celebrations seem a bit sexist at times. There are several interpretations and stories behind each celebration. Even though, only the women fast and pray during Karwachauth and the men do not do anything(except of course give the women some nice gifts), it is still a celebration of the bond and love between 2 people who choose to spend their life together. I dont fast nor do we follow any strict celebration plans. Its a day dedicated to enjoying some the old traditions and wishing for a good relationship and each others good health. 

I tried my hand at some simple Henna/mehendi design for Karwachauth on my left hand. It came out quite decent :)

Pictured below- Gulab Jamuns! Indian doughnuts soaked in cardamom and saffron flavored sugar syrup. I will be soon bringing you a new and improved version which is even closer to the real deal!
I took the new recipe GJs and the Apple Jalebis with Rabri to a Diwali get together yesterday and no one could guess that they were Vegan! now thats what I call delicious celebration.:)

Pictured below Besan Laddoo – Sweet chickpea flour balls with cocoa butter.

Pictured below Oilfree Wheat Laddoo and Wheat Choorma-Wheat flour balls and crumble.

And now for the Savory.. There is always a good bunch of savory goodies made during the festival to balance out the sweet. Usually most are fried :) I try to avoid frying as much as possible.. Here are some delicious healthy savories.

Glutenfree Potato and Rice Crackers. Baked Namak Paare/Murukku Crackers. Super easy and delicious

Chana Masala spiced roasted nuts. mmm mmm. or use garam masala or just salt and red chili powder :)

Glutenfree Chickpea Oat Crackers with Fennel Seeds – Chana Murmura Mathri – with cooked chickpeas oats and puffed rice. 

Chickpea Flour roll ups – Khandvi. GF These fresh rolls ups can be stuffed with spiced up kale, other greens, chutneys, or coarsely ground spicy roasted nuts.

Chivda– Savory cereal/rice kripies snack with dried fruits, roasted sprouted chickpeas/roasted nuts.

Baked Potato French Fries – umm yeah, i need these for any celebration 😉

Roasted Garam masala chickpeas.   Crunchhhh.

Have a safe and wonderful festival season.

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    That henna design is incredible! Oh, I really wish I could enlist your help on a project I’ve been brewing up that involves edible henna… I just have no talent at it, and am having a hard time finding someone who can help.

  2. says

    Your recipe collection is pretty good…planning to try the gulab jamun (i’ve been thinking of ways to veganize it). I wanted to make apple jalebis and couple other sweets for diwali… let’s see how mine turns out. Happy Diwali!!

  3. says

    Oh my WOW, what an amazing collection! My good friend has been dancing in Festival of Light celebrations here this week and I think I need to make the Apple Jalebis with Rabri for us to share. 😉 Your henna tattoo is just gorgeous as well. Have a beautiful celebration.

    • says

      all the recipes, text and photographs are copyrighted and cannot be copied. I would request you to not translate all of it put it up online or share. There is a translate option on the blog. you can translate the recipe you or your friends want to try and use it.

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