12 Healthy Vegan Pizzas: 12 crusts, 5 glutenfree, 3 cheeses. Round up.

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Vegan Pizza Mofo Post 14!
Its time for a round up. So far I have covered 12 pizzas.. 12 different crusts, 12 toppings,  7 with gluten vegan crusts, 5 glutenfree, gumfree and vegan crusts, 3 yeast free gluten free crusts, 1 grain free(gluten, yeast free) crust. All crusts and almost all toppings are Soy-free.

3 cheeses. Mozzarella. Cheddar, Feta. All cheeses are glutenfree. Many toppings, Veggies, greens, stews and fun things(Okra, mango :)) on a Pizza! Almost all posts have step by step pictures too. 

Most crusts and toppings can be interchanged, so really you actually have more than 100 combinations.
8 more crusts to go.. so keep coming back!

Lets start with the regular with-gluten(wheat and other grain) Pizzas..

Pictured below and first picture is the pretty herbed Thin Spelt crust.
Topped with mushrooms, olive, golden cherry tomatoes and Almond feta.
Almond Feta is gluten, soy free. Mediterranean flavors and those cute tomatoes, make this a must make.

100% Whole wheat crust.
Topped with generous evoo, dried basil and parsley, ripe tomato slices and Coconut milk Mozzarella.  Mozzarella is nut, gluten free
Sometimes simple ones are the best. 

Kamut Wheat Cashew Crust

Topped with Roasted tomato Chipotle Mac and cheese and crisped up bread crumbs! The sauce in this mac n cheese is cauliflower based, soyfree, hence much lighter. The pizza is still carby:) 
Kamut is a a type of ancient wheat, more nutritious, creamy and nutty.
Already made this 4 times.

Pillowy White Crust

Topped with juicy ripe Mango and Hatch chile.
I prefer whole grains in my crust, but some days you need the all white bready goodness.

Vegan Richa: Mango Hatch Chile Pizza

Wheat Semolina hardy crust

Made into a Deep Dish Jalapeno Popper Pizza, with mushrooms, Kale, white garlic sauce, cheddar and Jalapeno layers. You can keep adding layers and make this a very deep pie! This one is going to be a monthly fixture.
Cheddar is gluten, nut free.

Sesame Barley Crust 

Topped with Sundried Tomato marinara, Olives, Mozzarella and cheddar strips for spooky cute Halloween Pizzas. Mummies and ghosts on a healthy crust. 

Popcorn Rosemary Crust for the Chopped Challenge

Topped with popcorn crusted roasted butternut squash, kale. The other topped with Apricot Tomato sauce and popcorn crusted blackened Tempeh.
This is a simple bread flour and popcorn crust for the chopped challenge. The toppings make it much more interesting.:)

Now the Gluten-free....

Mung Bean Sprout and spinach Crust - gluten, yeast free

Topped with red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, herbs.
Mandee tried this crust here and loaded it with some delicious cashew cheese and beet pesto!

Millet Chickpea Kale quiche Crust. - gluten, yeast free.
Topped with Okra- yes Okra(bhindi), cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, daiya.
I love this crust. It is very versatile. You can make it into a quiche or an individual baked side.

The best glutenfree Pizza crust that you have to try!!

Focaccia style soft Oat Crust. 
Topped with spicy Tempeh Tikka Masala curry. yumm. Replace the tempeh with bean balls, fake meat balls, or big veggies like cauliflower to make the tikka masala soy-free.
Caitlin tried this crust twice! check out her Cheese stuffed crust here. yummers!

Vegan Richa: Glutenfree Focaccia style crust topped with Tempeh Tikkas masala

Teff Crust.

Topped with Missir Wot- Ethiopian Lentil stew. I can see more Ethiopian stews getting whipped up in this kitchen in the future. I love the deep flavors of Ethiopian spice blends. I need a new larger spice rack:)

This crust is gluten, yeast, grain free..

Cauliflower crust with Indian spices - Deconstructed Gobi Paratha Pizza.
Topped with cucumbers and yogurt dip. Easy and delicious.
Mandee tried this crust too. Check out her post here

And 6 more posted after this round up

Clockwise: Left to right
Quinoa Olive Focaccia Crust Pizza with Israeli Za'atar, Caramelized Onions and Pomegranate.
Samosa and Onion Bhajji/Pakora Pizza with Wheat Chickpea Semolina Crust. 
Crunchy Tomato Rings, Pea & Kale pesto on Soft White Gluten-free Pizza Crust. glutenfree gumfree
Sushi Pizza - Brown Rice Crust with Nori, braised Asparagus, Zucchini and Wasabi Mayonnaise. glutenfree.
Quinoa Sloppy Joes Pizza with Rye Crust, Orange slices, Jalapeno Aioli.

And the round up from the archives..

Hope you enjoyed this round up! 

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  1. Great round-up, Richa! Your pizzas have been so creative!!

    I'm still squealing over that adorable Ghost-Mummy!! :D

    1. Thanks Sus!:) theres more to come! its more tiring to edit pictures and psot than to make them:)

  2. Arghhh... your pizzas look so delicious. It's a putty I have so little time to cook lately );

    1. :( you can keep the doughs in the frisge till you are ready to bake.

  3. You are incredible – in a good way, of course. ;-) I'm really enjoying all your pizzas! What a lucky family you have.

  4. Absolutely stunning round-up...very creative!!

  5. SO MUCH TASTY FOOD! im gonna have to make a pizza tomorrow, or mabye three? and watch xfiles all day and eat them!

  6. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the ghosts, closely followed by the jalapeno deep dish. But I would never do that - I think they all look cracking!

    1. the ghosts are super easy and cheesy. i love the jalapeno popper pie a lot too!

  7. You. Are. Incredible. That is all. :-)

  8. Sooo Amazing Richa! Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

  9. Happy Birthday, Richa! Are you a Libra or a Scorpio? From your creativity I'd guess a Libra!

    Thanks for the excellent pizza roundup — it's great to see all the pizzas grouped this way. I still think you should put together a pizza e-book and sell it.

    1. Libra.. Mine was on 19th. i think the same as yours:)
      onc ei get some time off mofo, i might make an ebook:)

  10. We just need a giant vegan pizza buffet with all these pizzas. Do you think I'd explode if I had a slice of each? :)

    1. Maybe.. even though most are not heavy pizzas:)

  11. I had to pin this for sure too!! I was just sharing some of your recipes with my hubby, so creative, love them all!!! Hugs, Terra

  12. So when does Richa's Pizza Shoppe Open up? Seriously you have done the most amazing things with the humble pizza- and I agree, sometimes you do need that white bread goodness once in a while! I am still lusting over that deep dish pizza, I need to make one tonight!

    1. i loved the deep dish too! though hubbs is loving all of them .. even the really healthy ones.. he just keeps saying this one is even more incredible ;)

  13. I need to try some of these.



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