Smoky Black Bean Wraps with Parsley Chimichurri, Spinach. Vegan Recipe

Vegan Smoky Black Beans, Parsley Chimichurri, Spinach Wraps

Eeeee.. Just a few more days of Vegan Month of food to go.. then life will hopefully go back to normal.. or so me thinks. 
Till then, lets make more wraps. 

The black beans get a smoke-over with smoked paprika and liquid smoke. I added some Zucchini that was sitting sadly in the refrigerator. Use any other squash, raw or roasted. Some crunchy red bell pepper, baby spinach and a good load of flat leaf Parsley Chimichurri, complete the wrap. My mom would call the chimichurri hari chutney(all green dips are hari chutneys). So you can as well use cilantro mint chutney:) 

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Also, in other news, check out Ashlee dishing out fall Vegan fashion on Good Day Chicago tv show.
Yay for cruelty-free clothing. 

Smoky Black Bean Wraps with Parsley Chimichurri | Vegan Richa

Missed them wraps on the blog?
Here are a few favorites. The Tempeh Scramble, Jalapeno Popper dip wrap and the Gobi Aloo wrap.
Most of the burgers and some pizzas on the blog can also be easily converted into wraps.. 
How about a Buffalo Millet and creamy Ranch wrap, or a Quinoa sloppy Joe and Jalapeno Aioli Wrap! or a Roasted Red Pepper hummus, roasted cauliflower, sweet Potato wrap.:) Now that would be awesome.

Make them beans. 
In a pan, heat oil, add onions, bell pepper, chili and garlic. Cook until translucent.
Add spices and mix.

Add black beans, zucchini, tomato and salt. Mix and cook for 10 minutes. 

Blend up the chimichurri. 
Warm the tortilla. Spread some chimichurri. 
Top with black beans then cheddar or other non dairy cheese of choice.

Top with thinly sliced red bell pepper and spinach and more chimichurri.

Wrap and serve. 

Smoky Black Beans, Parsley Chimichurri, Spinach Wraps.
Allergy Information: free of dairy, egg, corn, soy, yeast, nut. Can be made gluten-free with gf wraps or use a large Spinach or collard leaf.

Makes 3-4 wraps
Smoky Black beans:
2 teaspoons oil
1 can black beans – 15 oz
1/4 cup chopped red onion 
1/4 cup chopped green bell pepper
2 cloves of garlic minced
1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
1/2 teaspoon chipotle chili pepper powder or to taste
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
3/4 teaspoon salt or to taste
1 medium tomato, chopped
1/2 a Zucchini chopped small or other quick cooking squash
a generous dash of liquid smoke(optional)

Parsley chimichurri:
I made a half batch of this recipe with a Tablespoon of olive oil, and apple cider vinegar.

Baby Spinach
Red bell pepper thinly sliced
Daiya Cheddar or pepper jack shreds

Smoky Black Beans:
In a pan, add oil and heat on medium. Add onion, garlic, bell pepper and cook for 6-8 minutes until onion is translucent. Add the spices, black beans, zucchini, tomato, salt, liquid smoke. Mix well. Cover and cook on low-medium heat for 8-10 minutes. Taste and adjust salt and spice. 

Warm the tortilla. Spread a generous amount of parsley chimichurri on it. Add the warm Smoky black beans, then some daiya cheddar. Top with thinly sliced Red bell pepper, baby spinach. Sprinkle salt, pepper and some more chimichurri. Wrap and serve. 

These wraps are being shared at Allergy Free Wednesdays, Slightly Indugent Tuesdays, Rickis wellness weekend.

Whats even more fun is the amount of protein in these black beans! Now, where do we get our protein…
Infographic by Peta.


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  1. says

    The wrap looks divine! Do you have a cilantro chutney recipe you’d recommend or one on your blog? I typically am not a huge fan of mint, but I always like cilantro chutney in restaurants. Do you think the mint is pretty standard? Maybe I just don’t notice it. That’s such awesome news about the fur ban!

  2. says

    Everything about this recipe sounds great, but a special thanks for the parsley chimichurri sauce…I have a fine and beautiful bunch of parsley in my fridge that previously had no purpose!

    • says

      I know right. I usually dont know what to do with the parsley bunch, we use up cilantro in 2 days, but parsley sits there waiting. So i made the Chimichurri and we ate some of it on the side on our Indian meal plate too!

  3. says

    Gimme a “smoke over” anytime! Especially when black beans are involved.

    Yes, looking forward to some peace and quiet post-MoFo…but the Virtual Vegan Potluck madness isn’t too far off….

  4. says

    I’ve been following all your recipes these last few weeks and have just managed to find a moment to congratulate you once more on your amazing recipes! I hope there’s a recipe book coming out in the not too distant future because I will be first in the queue to buy it.

    I’ve been so busy with one thing and another just recently and have neglected my favourite bloggers a bit, for that I apologise :(

    Hope you’re OK Richa, I still haven’t developed the bread recipe yet though I’ve got another idea I’m toying with and since my hubby has gone gluten free, we will both try to accomplish it without the strange add-ins you know I hate about gluten free bread!

    Thank you for all your creations, hope you have a lovely week xo

    • says

      I am doing good. I have to try my hand at some more gf breads too.. been to busy to take time to think and make some:) and i havent been around as much too.
      You have a great week too Vicky!

  5. says

    Chimichurri rocks!

    These wraps were better than the ones I usually make with chickpea hummus. I would have to say the combination of chimichurri in a wrap really brings out the flavor of other ingredients.

    Thank you for this awesomeness recipe, Richa.

  6. says

    Best wrap recipe so far! I usually make wraps with chickpea hummus and other raw ingredients, and as such, I was in search of new wrap recipe and found the best one by you, Richa. Thank you!

  7. says

    Made these tonight and they turned out great! My chimichurri sauce was not so saucy due to my lack of a food processor, but the flavor came out well regardless! I paired it with the spanish rice on the side, (the one from another wrap you have), since I couldn’t originally decide which wrap i wanted more… lol!

    Love your recipes & your website! Your photos are top notch too :)

  8. Desteiny says

    Hi Richa, Thanks for another great looking recipe. I want to make this wrap but don’t do the vegan cheese (except the kind I make from cashews or tofu which is not at all like the daiya cheddar you suggest). Will this work without the daiya? Is there something else you can recommend to substitute?


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