Cauliflower Cheddar, Pesto Zucchini Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Vegan Nut-free Recipe


You heard that right. The Cheddar “Cheese” in this sandwich is made of Cauliflower! No nuts! It is sliced, and has limited oil. Loads of flavor in the cheese. Paired in this sandwich with some fresh pesto, grilled zucchini and juicy tomatoes. Summer in a panini. The way I use cauliflower these days, I should… 

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Grilled Nacho Cashew Millet Cheese Sandwich with Roasted Sweet Potato, Pea Pesto. Vegan Recipe


Happy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month! April is that month.. and I am finally catching on.. Since I made this insane Nacho Mac n Cheese Casserole I had planned to use the cheese sauce in some way in a grilled cheese sandwich. And to add more substance to it, this Cheese has cooked millet hidden in it! Everything… 

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Deep Dish Cheddar Jalapeno Popper Pizza with White garlic sauce, Mushrooms, Kale, Cheddar on Semolina Wheat crust. vegan recipe


Vegan Pizza Month of food (Mofo) Post 8. Time for some indulgence after a bunch of super healthy pizzas. My version of the Chicago deep dish style Pizza. A crunchy semolina wheat crust with layers and layers of goodness.Some mozarella, topped with White garlic cream sauce, then some mushrooms and chopped kale(I have lots of kale… 

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Tomato Garlic Coconut Mozzarella on 100% Whole Wheat crust Pizza. vegan recipe


Vegan Pizza Mofo Post 4. All whole wheat crust, tomatoes. some roasted garlic and home made mozzarella! Pizza day 4.I dont think this pizza needs a preamble. :) This is a 100% wheat crust. I think I might be able to pull of 20 different pizzas, 20 crusts??.. hmm. lets see. Most of the crusts are interchangeable… 

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